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Fred Karger's NOM Ad

Filed By Alex Blaze | January 29, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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Fred Karger made an ad taking on NOM, where he accuses them of killing gay teens.

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This would be ridiculous and hysterically funny, if it weren't also so incredibly exploitative. I'm really sick and tired of teh gayz and their supposed allies now making *everything* a cause for teen suicides. Karger should be ashamed of himself.

But, given how easily the gay community has been exploiting and riding this teen suicide issue, I suspect he'll get an award. From GLAAD, no doubt.


I see, so you're pro-NOM now? Gays are "riding this teen suicide issue"? Because clearly, gay teens killing themselves is just not as important as your political sensibilities?

Do you think teens kill themselves on a whim? Or could it be linked to hate groups that try to remove LGBT rights, which may do or say things to disparage gay people. That couldn't possibly impact the self esteem of gay teens. That monster! He should be so ashamed! NOT.

Can you say without a doubt that no gay teen has kill themselves because of the marriage issue? I'm betting it's been a factor in at least one death. Many kill themselves because they don't or can't see their lives playing out to meet the ideals set before them. Without legal gay marriage a lot of the "ideals" set out for teens: to get married, have a family, raise children, may all seem unachievable. Seeing legal gay marriage may make that path more visible, if not more attainable.

Odd that you're quick to stand up for Islam, but standing up for LGBT rights is something someone should be "ashamed of". Your true colors are shining through... Why don't you take your preaching and hate to another forum?

Yes, Woody, that's right - I hate all gays and am pro-NOM.

OMG, you've caught me out with your stellar analysis and nuanced critique and ability to link to previous posts - I shall now skulk off with my tail between my legs and never show my face here again.

I wish you would. And clearly, it's not all gays you hate, only "teh gayz". How would you feel if I used a slur against your for your race, or implied that just because you show interest in Islam that you're a terrorist? Yet you feel free to use terminology to degrade others, while stating that doing so it wrong.

Maybe it's time you look at your own posts for bigotry. It's there, weather you realize it or not.

God bless you Fred Karger for taking on these creeps.