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New Doritos Gay-Themed Superbowl Ad?

Filed By Bil Browning | January 24, 2011 2:30 PM | comments

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Tags: Doritos, gay bathhouse, snack chips, Superbowl ad

Will Doritos be running this gay-themed ad during the Superbowl? We've already seen one rejected ad today. Do you think this one will make the cut?

The next time I go to a bath though, I'm totally going to try that trick of setting a bag of Doritos between my legs. The only thing that'll draw a man faster would be if you used bacon like the old insult, "We had to tie a pork chop around your neck just to get the dog to play with you." One potential drawback: who wants a crotch that smells like Cool Ranch?

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Didja have to post that right after lunchtime? Ugh...

Didn't like it. Sexually threatening gay black man and terrified (presumably) hetero white boy? No thanks. Why is it that all of these 'gay themed' doritos commericals seem about mistakes that lead to hetero terror?

Wolfgang E. B. Wolfgang E. B. | January 24, 2011 11:36 PM

Interesting how different interpretations can be. I read the white guy as gay and bit flamey. No hetero guy would sit that close to another guy, especially when they're both nearly naked. I took his act of reaching for the Doritos as flirting. When the hot black guy puts his arm around him, he seems kind of shy, but not scared--more like he thinks himself unworthy of the delicious hunk beside him.

Nice to see a gay person of color, and interracial gay flirting, in a mainstream ad. I like this one.

I like it too...quite cute and I agree that it's nice to see the characters mixed a little bit.

I don't like it for other reasons. First, there's no steam in that steam room even though there's the sound of the water on the hot rocks. Second, Doritos wouldn't be crunchy in a steam room, they'd be soggy. Third, they're sitting pretty much on each other when the entire sauna is empty except for them. Fourth, they're relaxing and sweating a bit too much for a steam room that's clearly 74 degrees. Fifth, why does he have Doritos in a sauna? I've never seen even an inconsiderate douche eat chips in a sauna.

Now, if he had put his dick through a hole in the bottom of the bag of chips and that's what the joke was about, him using Doritos to get a hand-job, I might be more forgiving. It'd actually be funny then.

Alex, that is a truly hilarious comment.