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(Not so) Feminist car accident lawyer commercial

Filed By Bil Browning | January 05, 2011 6:00 PM | comments

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Tags: bad commercial, feminism, Judith Marsh

Presented without comment. I'll leave it to y'all to dissect everything that's so horribly wrong with this commercial for car accident attorney Judith Marsh. My favorite line is "Slow down cowgirl, don't click so fast you're not a man."

Oy vey.

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This has the making of a meme...


friday jones | January 5, 2011 8:27 PM

Judith Marsh is positioning herself as a lawyer for ladies? A barrister for babes? A solicitor for suffragettes? A pettifogger in petticoats? She'll get a fair shake for the Fair Sex?

Hmmm. I think that the "Slow down Cowgirl, don't click so fast, you're not a man" makes use of the stereotype of the man who appropriates the remote and spends his entire viewing time flitting promiscuously from channel to channel, while stereotypical women are s'posed to sit down and watch The View and Oprah from beginning to end only changing channels in between programs.

Somehow, that comment comes across to me as the setup for the ad, all based on stereotypes about how women are smarter, stronger and better - "don't be like a (silly) man with the remote" - which then goes to the "women are really the stronger sex 'cuz giving birth is too painful for men" and segues into the pitch - "women should use this particuar woman lawyer, because she's too smart to flick through channels, she is strong enough to give birth, and she can kick insurance lawyer butt. . . and she's one of 'us.'"

The ad is clearly a play to gender stereotypes to drum up business from women. By playing in to these particular stereotypes, it may be aimed at dissing men.

I can attest that Trudy likes to flick through the channels with the remote, as annoyingly as any stereotypical man. We sometimes joke about how she fits the profile . . .