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Rachel Maddow's Ode to Heroism; Interview with Daniel Hernandez

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Interesting that Rachel Maddow did not find a way to note that Daniel Hernandez is openly gay. Does his sexual orientation and ethnicity matter? Yes, says Salon.com. Indeed, consider that Arizona does not have workplace protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity and, as almost everyone knows, Arizona has the infamous "papers please" law where law enforcement can ask anyone for proof of citizenship if they suspect that person might be undocumented. Many Latinos have left Arizona as a result.

But Rachel's essay on heroism is on point: we do look to heroes for clues on how we might behave. And her interview with 20 year old Daniel Hernandez is also enchanting.

The essay:

The interview:

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Regan DuCasse | January 12, 2011 2:58 PM

I love how he looks. Like those amazing stone Olmec heads of his ancestral home.

(Same comment I left on this same post on LGBT POV)

Maybe she didn't bring it up because it was completely unrelated to the heroic act that was the reason he was on the show. Maybe he didn't want to be known as the "gay Latino hero" but simply as a hero. Not everything has to be about sexuality.

I'm pretty sure he said he rejected the label of "hero" too.

I disagree, I think it is important to mention based on the social climate in Arizona. His impact could be broadened