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Watch: Ricky Martin gays it up for newest music video

Filed By Bil Browning | January 11, 2011 3:30 PM | comments

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I get really tired of hearing celebrities complain about how coming out destroyed their careers. Chely Wright is complaining that her album sales dropped in half Ricky-Martin-Equality.jpgafter coming out. Poor Rupert Everett can't get a gig in the movies anymore. If you listened to entertainers, you'd think that coming out was a horrible thing to do. (Cue up my rants about Queen Latifah or Kevin Spacey.)

So it's refreshing to see a pop artist come out of the closet and then unabashedly incorporate his honesty into his product. Ricky Martin doesn't shy away from being gay in his new video. Could it be that Wright and Everett tried to continue doing the same old thing as always with just a disclaimer at the end about being queer as if it doesn't affect their art? Let's see how well Martin's new single does first.

The music video is after the jump.

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It's so funny ... in his La Vida Loca days, I found Ricky Martin boring ... or in any event, he did nothing for me ... but now that he has come out, I find him to be hot, hot, HOT!

(Or am I just a dirty old man who gets hornier as the years roll by?)

lol, no I'm 21 and I'm right there with you.

This video is cute and corny.

No, Jerame and I watched the video and he asked the same thing. "Did he get hotter after coming out? He just seems more comfortable in his own skin."

Rick Sutton | January 11, 2011 5:29 PM

Superb...what a great way to end the day! Upbeat, engaging, fun, encouraging.

Thanks, Bil! Wow!

Thanks for posting this. I really like the song, the video and he sounds like he is getting a bit introspective. Good job!

Didn't you all see the protest against Univision (and Ricky Martin) because they interviewed him?

Some artists who come out have to start tailoring their art to the gay community to survive. It's not about artists coming out and suddenly being able to write all those queer songs they have always longed to.

While some of you seem to now like his music, I still find it to be really boring pop music, this song even more so than his older work.

P.S.: I do wonder if he is supporting polyamory in this video.

Thinking the same thing about the decline in his work, esp. from the mid-90's. I appreciate the sentiment, but this song is about as bland as music gets.

Bil, I agree. Its refreshing for someone to not only come out publicly, but to also truly embrace it and own it.

I think this song could hit the hearts and open the eyes of so many of our mothers.

Never cared for the man, still don't. I had the displeasure of watching him open for another act and wasn't impressed.

It left me with a smile on my face...and that's a good day!