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The Ballad of Sarah Palin

Filed By Bil Browning | January 21, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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Earlier this week brought us the Battle Hymn of Sarah Palin, but Lady Bunny has now joined the fray with The Ballad of Sarah Palin. If you thought watching two old people warble out the praises of the Half Guv was funny, wait until you see this.

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Well I've always enjoyed Lady Bunny's humor... but what a GREAT TREAT to see Dorothy Bishop! An amazingly funny and talented performer :)

Oh My! Sure hope this makes it to TV! Has anyone sent this to Jay Leno Or Dave? This is press that needs to run! LOL! Dorthy Bishop Lady Has Palin down! Great Satire!

Please, someone, get this to major media outlets! Really well done.
Olberman, Bill Mahr, Maddow, Conan, KImmel are sure to be interested in this one.

You're comparing this to Palin's crosshairs bit?

Wow. I found that massively unfunny, and in bad taste. If someone on the left was treated that way - especially the whole crosshairs bit, we'd be screaming. If it was especially funny, I'd be more forgiving. But it wasn't even close.

I really wanted to share this on fb until I saw the cross hairs bit towards the a country where you can buy guns at Wal-Mart and with so many disturbed people running around, it's a little difficult for me to laugh at this kind of humor. But I still love the song!

Dumb video... not funny. Hate Palin... please, but this humor for fifth graders