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United States of Shame

Filed By Bil Browning | January 26, 2011 10:30 AM | comments

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Jerame sent me this hella cool map from Pleated Jeans that labels states with their worst vice. "What is your state the worst at?" asks the "United States of Shame" map and, of course, Utah has a porn problem...


I can totally see Indiana as the "least 'green' state." The state is very car-centric and most of the electrical power comes from coal plants. Indianapolis makes you pay to recycle, but gives you a 96 gallon trashcan for free trash pick up.

Walking home from the grocery store here in DC yesterday evening, I noticed at least three signs/ads/PSA's on the street that were about AIDS. I'll admit to being a wee bit shocked to see several buses with big ads for a female condom on them. Apparently you can take the boy out of the midwest, but...

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I'm confused by Washington's bestiality designation- is it the worst at bestiality, or is bestiality our worst problem?
Either way, makes me look at animal lovers more suspiciously....

i believe that designation was a comment on this incident.

Clearly it's the former - Washingtonians just don't know how to treat a mare.

Umm, so Minnesota is "Tornadoes" ??? All the other state's have things they could DO something about if they wanted to, and MN is "Tornadoes"!? I suggest changing that label to "Passive Aggressiveness"


The binge drinking in Wisconsin is probably all Madison... or reactions to Packer losses.

i spent some time in rural wisconsin, and it's the only place i've ever been where you can be out in the middle of nowhere, and at the intersection of two lonely farm roads is a little six-barstool drinking spot with mom and pop living in the back serving up shots of brandy and an old style back.

and there are a lot of those little places up there...

Does Utah's "Worst Porn Usage" mean they use it most or least? Or just not well?

I think, Steve, it means that lots of Utah residents are addicted to porn, especially Internet porn -- and, in my humble but prejudiced opinion, probably related to how sexually repressed the Mormons are. (Since the men can't have a dozen wives any more, at least they can still fantasize about it.)

I went back to the source of the chart -- the statistic they're using to claim this claim says that Utah residents are the biggest users of subscription online porn. Which makes sense because Utah has very strict laws about print porn, strip clubs, etc. I guess online porn is one of the few avenues available for erotic entertainment.

@Bil: Although I agree with your disappointment regarding the lack of "green awareness" in Indiana, the next time you are back here, you ought to take a drive up toward Chicago. There is an enormous wind farm conglomerate now in place just north of Lafayette, and I-65 goes right thru the middle of it. One could swear it takes up the majority of Benton County, and seeing wind generators in all directions for as far as the eye can see will re-invigorate your hope for Indiana having a green future of some sort.

I saw those being built the last time we drove up through there. I really hope the rest of the state follows up on those too. It's a great way to get oil-free energy and those northern plains are perfect wind farms. Gives you hope, eh?

Mike Wonders | January 27, 2011 1:53 AM

Obviously whoever made the map is from Texas (Worst at High School Graduation).
Wisconsin is not worst at Binge Drinking. It's best at Binge Drinking.

Nerdiness is a vice? That is confusing to me, but oh well--I'm living in Ohio and I'm a nerd, so I guess at least I'm in the 'right' place. ~_~ lol

I'm wondering why Ohio's considered the nerdiest....

Nerdiness is a vice unless you know how to turn it into money. Actually, Alex, I expect there are more nerds in Silicon Valley than in Ohio, but I surmise they were only counting the nerds that are financially illiterate -- point being, once you are a mega-millionaire you don't count as a nerd even if you still are.