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Video investigated by Navy

Filed By Alex Blaze | January 03, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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This video from a US Navy captain is causing a stir and will actually be investigated by the Navy for language and "inappropriate" content. Because I can't think of anything more disgusting that the military did while deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan....

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Regan DuCasse | January 3, 2011 1:11 PM

Why would lewd depictions of same sex acts be something to exploit or mock as a means of a 'morale booster'?
Do white sailors put on black face and mimic stereotyped blacks from minstrel shows for the same reason?

This is extremely serious, and just another means of mocking and degrading gay and lesbian service members in the guise of 'a joke'.

And anyone that uses that weak and cowardly excuse, degrades and mocks the military in which they serve.
Out with them.
The military doesn't need them.

Two comments... 1.) What's most offensive to me is that an ego-maniacal turd such as this has risen to the rank of commander. And my gawd; he sure hated sharing the spotlight - he was virtually the entire cast, right?
2.) Anyone else here get the vague, instinctive feeling that there's a gay guy under that phony baritone and macho exterior? I mean; the parrot, the Sean Hayes-like mugging for the camera?

My first reaction to the videos... "Ohhhhh the timing is sooo suspicious so soon after DADT, the manipulation and LOVE of video reactionism in media will be fueled and FOUR years later THIS is a "big deal"? Paaahleeze.

The Fundamentals are going to LOVE this!! Let the sheep baaaa-ing of rhetoric begin!


Christian Fundamentalists are going to get the VERY sour wine to go w/that stale bread to feed their hyperbole of "no homo".

Queer Fundamentalists are going to be able to make their "no homo in the military" stand.

Language Fundamentalists who have NO CONCEPT of the context of the term "fag" regarding aviators will be suitably offended w/any term around "homo".

Well... everyone who wants to be offended by Captain Honors videos, which was voluntary to watch, in a working/living environment of a floating city of 4,000, in a voluntary military service... it's not a very funny video to YOU... got it.

I would tend to agree w/that it isn't a very funny video. But then again... I'm not under the stress, pressure and living conditions of being where they are.

I also refuse to be manipulated by some suspicious Navy Politics so soon after DADT