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Were LGBT people really fine with Obama back in October?

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I've stayed out of the "Obama totally sucks for not giving me my rights" camp, obama_hope.pngbut this is ridiculous:

In an October survey conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, 64 percent of self-described LGBT community members said they approved or strongly approved of the way Obama was handling his job. While only 30 percent of all likely voters said the country was headed in the right direction (62 percent said the opposite), 46 percent of LGBT respondents answered "right direction" (49 percent said "wrong direction").

The normal questions pop into my mind when it comes to LGBT polling (like, uh, where did they find their queers?), but there won't be any answers:

The poll numbers, which had not been previously released, were sent to The Huffington Post on the condition that the full survey not be published. The high-ranking LBGT operative who passed the numbers along cited them as evidence that the gay community was not disaffected with the president prior to November's midterm elections and that they would not lose patience with Obama even if he fails to persuade Congress to move major agenda items in the years ahead.

So let's see. A high ranking "LGBT operative" (is she all four at the same time, like a queer Megazord?), someone who I'm sure has a monetary reason to tell everyone to pipe down and be happy and is at least emotionally involved in making that argument, hands over incomplete polling data to the Huffington Post on an incredibly difficult-to-poll topic with almost no information about methodology. Add to that the fact that the data had to be anonymously leaked since no one wanted their finger prints on that, and that really sounds like something I'd base my political beliefs on.

Here's 100% of the methodology released by this operative:

The survey polled 1,077 self-described members of the LGBT community, half by phone and half online.

I don't even know where to start, so instead I'll just link previous posts about the perils of LGBT polling.

That's not to say that there's nothing about this poll to like, especially since its results make more sense than the conventional wisdom on queer voters. Especially this part:

Gay rights, of course, are not the only issue affecting the president's standing with the LGBT community; only 5 percent of the Greenberg survey's LGBT respondents described them as the most important issue facing the country today. Fifty-eight percent, meanwhile, cited the economy as their top concern.

Well, of course. Most of us aren't sitting around waiting to join the military, but we are worried about going broke if we get sick, what we're going to do for a retirement, or losing our jobs and not finding new ones.

Too bad no one will do a worthwhile study on LGBT people's relationship to The Agenda any time soon.

By the way, is anyone else reminded of this mess?

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:P I'll see my Trans-Former to your Megazord!

Seriously, you can't see the survey or see anything about it but its ok because its a 'high ranking LGBT Oprative'??? Do they have a secret decoder ring to go with that title?

Sorry, but I don't buy in to 'survey' that has this kind of provenace. I can toss off something similar....

64% of Gays and Lesbians disenchanted with Obama.
35% of Gays and Lesbians can't get enough of Obama.
100% of Transgender really don't want to hear his voice or his bus.
0% of the Bi have spoken... about anything.

See? More realistic, less fictional and with the same great provenace. After all, I am 'high ranking' (I'm a retired E6, thats higher than E5), I'm part of the 'GLBT' meme and I've been known to operate some complete machinery.
See? Anyone can do it.

I have a couple more problems with this alleged study. If 64% of LGBT respondents approved of Obama's job performance, how did that compare with previous results? LGBT voters lean strongly democratic anyway; 64% could actually signify a large drop in support.

Secondly, only 5% of LGBT respondents described gay rights as their main concern. That looks really low to me. The sample seems unrepresentative of LGBT voters in general. This is especially concerning since we have no idea who conducted the poll, how the sample was selected, and so on.

Weren't some LGBT authors screaming before the election that a certain Lesbian blogmistress had disaffected the LGBT masses from Obamabot-ism and would be single handedly responsible for thedefeat of the dems?

Did they just survey volunteers at the DNC?

Lee Sonoflaw | January 5, 2011 10:41 AM

Where did they find their queers??? I was one that they found, and I think Obama is generally headed in the right direction. And I indicated that when I took the survey.

Am I "enchanted" with Obamas handling of GLBT issues? Of course not. But Obama is President of the whole country, not just lesbians and gays.

I am not a one issue Democrat and said yes because most things are going in the right direction. If I had said "no", it would have been considered a condemnation of his whole administration.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | January 6, 2011 11:09 AM

Whatever the polls say the vote is the ultimate poll. 35 million or so Obama voters deserted the Democrats last November. Even among Ozombies and the DNC-HRC crowd he can't be all that popular.

The Republicans didn't die because of 2008 and the Democrats won't die because of 2010. It'll take awhile for the reality of mass unemployment, pauperization, homelessness and the other corrosive effects of the current Depression to manifest themselves politically.

Both parties are extinct, but neither quite realizes it yet.