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When Hickeys Go Wrong

Filed By Bil Browning | January 21, 2011 1:00 PM | comments

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An unidentified woman from New Zealand is proof that not only are hickeys uncouth, but they can be dangerous to your health. The woman was sitting in a chair watching television after having sex when her left arm became paralyzed. gay-boys-hickey.JPGShe was rushed to the hospital, but her only injury was a hickey on the right side of her neck.

"Because it was a lovebite there would be a lot of suction. Because of the physical trauma it had made a bit of bruising inside the vessel," said Wu. "There was a clot in the artery underneath where the hickey was."

The clot had gone into the woman's heart and caused a minor stroke that led to the loss of movement, he said.

When I was a teenager, my mom would always say, "You're gonna give me a stroke coming home looking like that!" when I'd show up after a night of necking with love bites on my neck. Little did she know...

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Wow Bil. Ask me some time and I'll tell you the Ass Hickey Story, which I didn't author. It's one of my faves, though.

I have never heard it pointed out that a hickey can cause an underlying blood clot, and thus potentially a stroke. Actually, I find this to be an interesting medical fact.

And I wonder if the FDA has considered requiring a warning on medications such as Plavix that "Patients on this medication should not suck face."


This post suggests a variation on an old, famous line from The Boys In The Band: "There's one thing you can say about masturbation, at least you don't end up with hickeys."