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Winter Blues

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I cannot believe how horrible this winter has been and it's not even February yet.

four-monkeys-truck.jpgCurrently, there are two plumbers in my basement fixing my furnace, which, of course, died during the coldest day of the last four years.


They have been down there for several hours. I believe one of the boys best get a college scholarship because it's going to cost at least a year's tuition. I finally poked my head down there and said, Guys! You're making me nervous.

Almost done!

That was a half hour ago.


Tomorrow? Another foot of snow. I'm sure all the schools, except where I teach, will be closed. The train will run slow or late or not at all. My students will straggle in late. Wet. Miserable.

Meanwhile, life still goes on. Kids to lessons, appointments. Good thing I have the monkey-mobile. My sister left me her car - it's a giant, ridiculous Escalade. And it has two giant, ridiculous monkeys in pink tutus on the side.

No, seriously.

It was the name of her business. Four Monkeys. Don't get me started. Not only do we only have one car, we have a hybrid. The two cars in the driveway makes us look very confused.

Yes, I will sell it. No, I can't yet.

The reality is it's been nice to have something that can get through the snow. I said it. My sister is laughing.

Still going to sell it. It's giant and ridiculous.

Plumbers still working. Maybe two kids are going to need a scholarship.

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My least favorite thing about the cold is when your finger nails hurt because your hands are swelling! My favorite thing is when I go outside after showering and my hair gets crispy.

Those are some cute monkeys, Sara. You should put them on the hybrid!! :)

It's about 30 here and people are complaining that they can't go out. And I'm one of those people.

I'm no zoologist, but that really looks like a chimp rather than a monkey.

chimp, monkey, whatever... it's a tutu.


my sister is laughing. somewhere.