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Wyoming Honors MLK Day By Debating Marriage Rights

Filed By Bil Browning | January 17, 2011 2:30 PM | comments

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While Martin Luther King Jr is being honored today for his work on behalf of equality and civil rights, the Wyoming state legislature has decided to take a remarkably different approach to justice. They will be debating a bill to specifically invalidate any same-sex marriages Wyoming residents might get outside the state wyoming-in-equality-state.jpg[PDF]. The legislation would also affect legally married couples traveling through the state.

"The Equality State" already bans same-sex marriage. The legislation is spurred by a recent court case filed by a lesbian couple who were married in Canada and sought a divorce in Wyoming. A district court judge ruled that the couple couldn't get divorced in Wyoming.

Supporters of marriage equality are caravanning to Cheyenne to testify before the committee, but the bill is expected to pass. Wyoming's legislature is dominated by conservative Republicans.

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Well, I'll add that to my list of states not to move to. Oh, wait....

...but not all wyoming folks are taking this in stride -- keep your eyes on WY Rep Cathy Connolly: