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You Are the Most Loathsome Person of 2010

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You are the most loathsome person of 2010. Well, not our international readers - just the Americans. The Beast has released their list of the 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2010, but carl-paladino1.jpgyou're number one.

Your brain's been cobbled together over millions of years of blind evolution and it shows. You're clumsy, stupid, weak and motivated by the basest of urges. Your MO is both grotesquely selfish and unquestionably deferential to questionable authority. You're not in control of your life. You wear your ignorance like a badge of honor and gleefully submit to oppression, malfeasance and kleptocracy. You will buy anything. You will believe anything. You believe that evolution is a matter of belief... You believe in American exceptionalism despite the contrary, compelling and overwhelming evidence. You tacitly partake in all manner of atrocity without batting a lash. You're actively participating in our species' extinction and you're either in denial or you just don't give a shit. You escape into every sort of mind-numbing distraction and ridiculous, convoluted fantasy, so you don't have to face the bitter, terrifying fact that your life is utterly meaningless.

Highlights include Tucker Carlson being called out for his homophobic violent rhetoric and the illustration for former NY Guv candidate Carl Paladino (above). Check out the entire list for some good giggles on a Friday afternoon.

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Hmmm. Not really news to me. People been saying all of that about me for years now...

Except for all of us living in America that don't fit that description. I guess that just means we're not real Americans, right?

Most of that list is funny, and the "aggravating factors" and the sentence under number #1 were hilarious, but the whole big description about all the things wrong with me that make me a loathsome American (and almost none of them true) just made me annoyed.

Maybe you're secretly a Canadian? :)

That hurts. I need to watch Pandora again now.

This made my day. I love political satire. With the lack of any real information from the big media corps., it's about the only way to learn anything.