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Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist's Sites

Filed By Bil Browning | February 25, 2011 4:00 PM | comments

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There's nothing that Westboro Baptist fundies like better than seeing their names in lights. Eariler, the fake church put out a fake statement claiming that the hacker consortium "Anonymous" stupid-people-shut-up.jpghad threatened to take down their websites.

Anonymous responded by saying the letter was a fake created by the religious nutjobs to draw attention to their cause and that they had no plans to attack the group's web infrastructure. The fundies stuck to their guns, denied that the letter was a fake, and told the hackers to "bring it."

So they did.

As Shirley Phelps-Roper, the church's spokeswoman, debated a member of Anonymous on a radio talk show and got quite a surprise on air. The Anonymous member told everyone that the hate group's website had now been hacked and said the church's consistent lies about the threat had caused retribution. "We had enough. We responded maturely. We said no, we don't want war," the hacker said.

The hackers posted a note on the group's website that said, "Despite having the capability to hack your sites previously, we chose not to," and cited the group's "recent antics to gain media attention" as the reason the hackers targeted the hate group. They left a map of the entire internal network of the church on the main page with their note.

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Absolutely. Priceless. Karma--who knew?

Patricia Harlow Patricia Harlow | February 25, 2011 10:11 PM

I love this! :)

I love you, Anonymous.

I was really hoping the Phelps woman would have repeated the "over 9000 sins" line. I do love the troll's remixes of those clips. :( Oh well.

I love it, too bad they couldn't do more. We should post their membership list and where those people live and work and then send letters to their jobs and boycott any company who hires one of them.

How could the members judge anyone? How many times does the bible say not to judge???? The entire contents of Westboro's church info should be made public1

FYI: The whole interview, and a snapshot of the webpage can be seen here:

The main reason the "group" took action against them was that the rep from WB was being rude, and told the person from Anonymous that they were going to hell. It's quite a cute interview if you have the time to listen. ;)