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Buy Two Wigs and Call Me in the Morning

Filed By Mark S. King | February 04, 2011 4:00 PM | comments

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A French father of two is suing GlaxoSmithKline, claiming a drug he was prescribed caused impulsive behavior that included gambling, illicit drugs, and cross-dressing. If he wins his lawsuit, you can bet I'm calling Gloria Allred faster than you can say I was a Meth Addicted Drag Queen.

My drag years weren't a complete waste. In this multi-media performance by my alter ego Anita Mann, you'll see the My Fabulous Disease blogger has had a weird interest in video for quite some time. This clip gets more bizarre by the second. Enjoy!

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That TV was heavy. But art is suffering.

That was fabulous!

As a performer I have to say that was very entertaining. Thank you.

I know I've seen that a few times before... did you post it to Bilerico before? Otherwise, that video's been making the rounds.

It's awesoe. I love drag performance.

Amazing timing!!!! Brava! I would also like to add... so much better then the bitter queens we see on Ru Pauls Drag Race.

That was hilarious Mark! Well done