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Caption This: Team Jesus

Filed By Bil Browning | February 21, 2011 10:00 AM | comments

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It's Presidents' Day and while some folks might have the day off, here at Bilerico we'll be team-jesus.jpgwrestling with all the day's LGBT news and opinion just like normal. Speaking of wrestling, let's kick the holiday off with some funny. What's your best caption for this Team Jesus player?

Can't come up with a snappy one liner? Tell us your plans for the holiday. Do you have to work?

Or what holiday that no one would really celebrate, would you devise? When would it be? Would we get a day off of work?

Jerame has the day free today and we've been enjoying his three day weekend. Since Alex is on vacation in Sicily currently, I've had to work every day. Thankfully contributors have provided plenty of content; there's a huge difference between editing several posts and writing most of the day's content. The queue is packed, so you've got quite a bit of great posts to look forward to today.

Enjoy the holiday.

(Hat tip to FAILblog for the photo.)

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Almost there...almost there...

To be fair, my son was a wrestler and all male wrestlers (ALL) can be seen futzing with their goober. Apparently they aren't used to having tight spandex all up in their business and it takes frequent adjusting.

As a male to female transsexual, I can sympathize. When I started tucking many, many years ago, the desire to adjust was sometimes unbearable.

Kathy Padilla | February 21, 2011 1:34 PM

I think I'll leave the captioning to the pros - I'm sure the General will have a field day.

He's already challenged them to a tournament of manly, Spartan, naked wrassling.

Reserve May 2nd on your calendars

Dear Mr. Adonis,

It occurred to us while we were planning our annual Christian Militia Old Time Revival and Tribulation Preparedness Expo that your wrestling ministry would be a perfect fit for Manly Bonding Night. Are you available on May 2nd? Manly Bonding Night is always the highlight of the Revival/Expo, so we like to hold it on Joe McCarthy's birthday .

We'd want it to be a participatory event We are all experienced wrestlers. It's part of our regular training--there's just nothing quite like the feeling you get when you embrace another man in physical combat. As your arms and legs entangle, you become a single testosterone pumping organism, a writhing mass of man flesh engaged in a glorious act as old as Man himself. Your bodies clench and your muscles spasm until finally release comes in the form of victory over your prostrate opponent, and the single organism returns to its former state of being two men, united only in exhaustion and exhilaration.

If there are any warriors among you, they are welcome to wrestle us in the fashion to which we are accustomed. That is to say, naked, in the manner of the ancient Spartan warriors. It's the way true men of war bond, and it is second only in sacredness to our covenant with Our Lord, Jesus.

Now see, I'm a lesbian and I never have to cope with - yea, even think about - such putzatoodinous matters. So in my pure innocence, I read that photograph as showing a member of a track team, say for the 4 x 100 meters. When he finishes the, um, leg of his event, he's going to have to pass the baton (visible in his left hand) to the next runner. It was clearly quite cold outside that day, which is why as a righty, he's keeping that hand inside his garment to maintain optimal warmth so he won't fumble the hand off.

But no, I don't have a caption.

I think thats the name of his spanish boyfriend...

"C'mon, fella, get a grip on it!"