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CPAC: White Supremacists Okay with Gays?

Filed By Bil Browning | February 11, 2011 11:00 PM | comments

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After catching a video of a white supremacist group exhibiting at CPAC this year, Lt. Dan Choi and I knew we had to go ask them a few questions. We talked with Devin Saucier, the Vice President of Youth for Western Civilization, about his group's position on LGBT people.

The answer is not the one I expected. If I'm not mistaken, he says that the religious right has succumbed to the "cult of victimization" as justification for discrimination. He's unequivocally rather pro-gay.

After the jump, Devin explains the goals of his group to Lt Choi. Apparently, there are some loopholes in the white supremacist bylaws that will allow Choi, a gay Asian, to be a member.

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He may be articulate and clean-cut, but he's still a racist.

I agree. He is a racist through and through. Listening to him made me sick. No matter when they arrived, his ancestors were once immigrants too. They probably came a little earlier than mine, but they still came off the boat. To tell the truth, I wouldn't want him in my ethnic enclave!

Without knowing more than what I saw in the video, I think "xenophobe" might be a better term than "racist".

He may have views some may find offensive but as Dan Choi said he has the right to express them. I think it was bold of him to speak out for himself in support of gay people possibly against his groups position.

In the video shown on the Advocate, the founder of YWC said people of all colors were welcome to their group as long as they espoused the same thing, namely pride in Western European /Anglo /Christian culture.

Coming out of a long retirement to say, I really don't think that being against identity politics, or as he calls it the "cult of victimhood," qualifies as being unequivocally pro-gay. He says that he's against the idea of "organizing as victim-groups". Basically he's against oppressed people coming together to name their common oppression and their common oppressors.

And he goes on to say "...the whole cult of victimhood that has characterized the Left is kind of absurd and it's been taken to its extremes." How you jump from that to saying that his position is that the Religious Right has succumbed to the cult of victimhood, well, I just have no clue. So yes, you're horribly, horribly mistaken.

Oy. Thanks Nick. That's what I get for posting so late. I screwed up the HTML. "Unequivocally" was supposed to be marked out with "rather" replacing it. It's fixed now. Stupid HTML.

Methinks you've unconsciously, or consciously - only you know - developed a bias here, Bil.
The honed rhetoric for media in 2011? The pretty face? The fact that his hood wasn't on at this particular daylight event?

Nowhere, as Nick mentions above me, does he say a word against the religious right. As is in their talking points, it's the left and his view of us as a collection of organized victims demanding special treatment that earns his contempt.
Sure, he can manage to speak 'nice' to a West Point grad soldier, who is hardly a leftist, for a few minutes of video-time.
Maybe even 'some of his best friends are gay'. Maybe he is gay.
But let the next gay interviewer be African-American, or a recent immigrant, or a Jew; or catch him at one of his meetings with no camera rolling, and I think you would rethink your generous position quickly.

Did you look at the Youth for Western Civilization's website? Did you see the full-page blog

Hey, I'm just a left-leaning, atheist Jew, pro-immigrant rights str8 ally, but I know hate in sheep's clothing. And I know that we all had better stand together, or when kids like this mature and assume greater power, we'll all be fighting for our lives together.

Maybe Asians can join YWC, but how many Asian members does it actually have?

No one else has said it, so I will:

A white supremacist. At CPAC. What a fuckin' surprise.

I was looking for the 'like' button and then I realized I wasn't on facebook anymore..

Totally did the same thing.

A "white supremist" at CPAC knowing that the Religious Right was pissed off about gay people being there.He didn't have to say anything about them his simply choosing to show up did.

In the EU, we are by now used to fascist leaders being cute gays um, typo, I meant guys, of course ;-), we don't get our panties into a knot over that anymore. It's rather common actually.
All three videos you posted, Bill, are very good examples of the "New" Right. Intelligent (did I mention cute?) people with "good arguments", not aggressive skinheads with shaven heads. That's how it started in Europe in the 1930s, too. A large part of the gay and lesbian intelligentsia in Italy or Germany or even the UK was rather fond of the fascists.

Michael Rogers | February 12, 2011 8:13 PM

Let him be.... Elect him to congress... Then I can out him.

You go, Michael!
I know you could and would!

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The idea that homosexuality is "deviant" did not come from the founders of Western Civilization. It came from Christianity. Rome, Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia: in none of these cultures was homosexuality so stigmatized. On the countrary, they regarded sexuality on the whole as a sign of health. The rise of organized Christianity, on the other hand, plunged the West into a thousand years of ignorance and superstition. It's called the Dark Ages. Or did you conveniently forget that?

Racists aren't allies no matter how many times they say gay is okay. Besides, this guy doesn't really consider queerness acceptable - he's only fine with his members quietly sleeping with the same sex as long as they don't participate in protest marches, organize in "victim groups," or otherwise challenge the tenets of "Western Civilization," aka white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. That's not queerness, that's just homonormativity and it isn't good enough.