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Gay Porn Site Takes Copyright Violators to Court

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 11, 2011 1:00 PM | comments

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Tags: BitTorrent, Corbin Fisher, gay porn, illegally, Mason Wyler, porn, a gay porn site that specializes in white models who often pretend to be straight (Mason Wyler got his start there as a "straight" guy), is planning on taking copyright violators to court:

HOMO LAWS - A book of moderate gay porn masquerading as an informational guide about homosexuality and the lawThat grace period ended on February 8, with the company focusing on people who have downloaded videos through the BitTorrent file-sharing program. Corbin Fisher's general counsel, Marc Randazza, tells The Advocate just 20 people took the company up on its offer, which included a one-year membership to the websites and

Now the company is planning to go after some 35,000 people for illegally downloading content through BitTorrent. Those people "will be liable for up to $150,000 in damages for each infringement," XBiz reports.

I don't know how, other than going on bittorrent and copying down IP addresses of people with this content, they know who downloaded it. If they went that route, then the message to people who want to steal this content is to use a proxy server (if you have access to one that's fast) or to just go to someone else's place and download while on their internet.

While I'm very much opposed to strong-arm tactics like this one, that will necessarily result in outing gay teens to their families (not just as gay, but as gay kids who like porn and now have financial and legal troubles), it is a balancing act since providers of all sorts of content should have a right to make money of their creative work. We live in a culture that has little to no respect for people who create intellectual property, who think that people who write, make music, etc., should be happy enough just to practice their art that getting paid at all is just icing on the cake. Porn is a different beast from art, but I can see how the same basic principle applies.

But maybe there's a better way to go about protecting their profits. There are signs that illegal downloading of music has decreased, probably because the industry found creative ways to use the internet to sell music.

Or perhaps this the only way to make a point.

My dream is that we go back to the original copyright limit in the US - 14 years, renewable for another 14 years, and then it's part of the public domain. The point of copyright law is to balance the public's interest in accessing their culture with the content producers' interest in making a living off their products. Instead, what we have is a system where spoiled heirs are still making money off licensing fees from art they had no hand in producing almost a century ago while newer artists can't cite their own culture from after 1923 without paying a fee, which, instead, stifles creative work. So Disney can make a movie based on the story of Quasimodo without paying Victor Hugo's heirs a few dozen million, but if someone wanted to draw Mickey in their low-budget movie they wouldn't be able to.

The result of going back to that system would be that a pre-1983 porn would be part of the public domain, and it could then be uploaded legally into a YouTube type site for people who can't afford porn or don't want those charges appearing on their credit card.

Because asking people to totally give up porn is like asking them to give up walks in the park or books or talking with others. Sure, they'll live, but can you really call that living?

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Eh, they're pretty stupid. Most sites have now moved to the model where they created closed community forums/blogs that upload links to storage websites for movies. At best what the companies can do is try to infiltrate and take down the links from the storage site, but they can't touch the uploaders as most often it's set from countries outside the US.

What's more, they just have ads or donations that allow the hundreds of members to just pitch in a dollar or two and the uploaders can sub to various sites to later upload from them.

Porn producers will only see the piracy decay when they lower their prices to be competitive with said blogs/fora. Or give perks that cannot be replicated via mere media transfer. Charging people 30 bucks a month is a losing strategy.

And you know what's worse? I'd feel bad for them if I didn't know a very large portion of those 30 bucks is mainly going to the producer, then to the crew-- and the porn actors are dead last, being exploited and paid little in relation to the risk they're taking (not only infection, but the fact that a porn career can pretty much sink your chances at developing any well-paying career, if we are to revisit Michael Verdugo.

When the news stories start appearing linking teen suicides to Corbin Fisher lawsuits outing these kids to their parents, CF will realize what a horrible move this was.

Alex - if you haven't already read it, you might take a look at the 3-article discussion of on-line porn at The New Yorker.

Ironically, while 1-800-Corbin-Settles continues to bemoan the loss of profits due to piracy, he announces their move from Florida to a 15K - yes, 15K - square foot facility in Las Vegas.

(Mark Randazza, their lawyer, also mentioned in one of the articles tristram is referring to, that they would be willing to pay 5K dollars to any *cough* straight guy willing to have his nether regions violated.)

Corbin Fisher is relentlessly skewered in the gay porn press (myself included) and they are laughing all the way to the sperm bank.