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Gays Can't Be Conservative

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 16, 2011 7:30 AM | comments

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"'Gay' is liberal, not conservative, regardless of what their stand may be on government spending or taxes.

It's why, like all liberals, they use language to create reality, rather than appreciate that words have meaning that reflect reality.

So they have re-invented the word "gay," re-invented the word "marriage", and now they want to re-invent the word "conservative."

Finally, we will re-invent the word "freedom" and we'll put the final stamp on the idea that a free society, rather than being the path to truth, is the path to meaninglessness."

--Star Parker, a self-styled reformed "welfare queen" who came to my college to talk years back and said she wanted the US to kill children in Iraq (the campus Republicans defended her by saying that she was confronted with too many hostile questions)

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A Star Parker/Ann Coulter showdown?

Alex, pass the popcorn, would you please?

Ms. Parker's idea of liberalism is so much religious projection I can smell the incense. Espousing religious tenets as a basis for public policy is ridiculous on its face. We have a separation of church and state in America, guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to our Constitution. We also are guaranteed that we have equality in the law by the 14th Amendment. If Ms. Star wants to live in a fantasy land of myth and mysticism, that's fine by me. Where she crosses the line is in espousing that her particular myth should drive public policy and the enactment of law.