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I Thought They Shot Horses, Not Women

Filed By Anthony Carter | February 22, 2011 5:00 PM | comments

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Recently, our brilliant Republican friends, with Dan Burton (R-IN) leading the way, have decided to cut major funding for Planned Parenthood. He also submitted legislation that would provide contraceptives for wild horses and burros to control the size of wild herds out west.

Wild HorseA bill was recently introduced suggesting the elimination of funds for Planned Parenthood and to some folks this sounds like a grand idea and very wise economic choice. The plan is simple - only certain types of women with certain types of resources are allowed certain types of privileges.

If any young women - or smart men who support women and their needs and opinions - are reading this, if this goes all the way through (which it won't) start looking for a place that offers foot binding at a reasonable rate. The eliminating of funds will not only limit planning and effective decision making regarding when and if a woman decides to give birth, it also has crippling consequences on a number of health issues (HIV/STD testing, cancer screening and proper condom usage).

But hey, what's the big deal, our wild horses will be able to decide for themselves when and how often they give birth and, by God, isn't this what our tax paying dollars are going for?

It is often surprising to me that those with access (white, male, wealthy) always seem to know what is best for those who have very little access.

I have often felt that although we are all responsible for and to one another, there are times when we could use a great big bowl of "shut the hell up" when it comes to certain issues.

Supporting folks who are fighting the good fight is great.

Consistently and systematically dictating how the fight should look to the folks who have the most to lose or gain is just plain arrogant and stupid. Until any man has had his testicles pulled through his nose, his shared opinions on any form of female reproduction should be nonexistent.

Personally, I would kill to meet Mr. Burton. I would love to say "How did you come up with this?" "What is this thing for horses or do you not want to talk about it?" I would love to hear a story of how some horse rescued him from a burning barn or spoke in tongues or told him that in 2020 the presidency will be his.


Come on Burton, throw me something. I know this is a serious matter but I want to have a discussion with him and I pray that I won't get the giggles when he mentions the special mare in his life.

I don't want to double over in laughter with tears in my eyes when he mentions building his self esteem and learning long division all because of Ruby.

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Christina Johnson | February 22, 2011 6:31 PM

"Until any man has had his testicles pulled through his nose, his shared opinions on any form of female reproduction should be nonexistent."

You are a god, Mr. Carter!

Anthony Carter | February 22, 2011 7:36 PM

Thank you Christina. I try. I was writing this at 5 a.m. before the critic/edit button was activated. I'm glad it worked..

Horses asses support birth control for horses Especially since the horse is not allowed to decide!Makes them powerful to decide instead of allowing women to have the right to make their own choices!

Coming from Indiana, I can say this with authority. Dan Burton is such a douchebag, even other Republicans try to back away from him as an extremist.

Anthony, you cuter-then-hell thing you--you pegged Dan Burton half a continent away.

Bil is right. He won his first Congressional priamry against the state GOP chair in 1982, who carved the district out specifically for himself. And then promptly campaigned from a golf cart as if coronated. Dan won. And never looked back. The district is 78% Republican. They'd rather eat their own vomit than vote against one of their own. But the gig is almost up: last time, four strong Republicans ran against Dan in his own primary, and he barely escaped.

Here's where you pray for all Hoosiers:

Dan has a brother, Woody, who's about 4 X 4, a sparkplug of a guy, serving in the Indiana House for almost three decades. No I'm not kidding.

His main accomplishment? Getting "In God We Trust" placed on vanity license plates.

Between them the Burtons are a few french fries shy of a Happy Meal. I could go on, but you get the point.

Here's a comparison southern Californians can relate to: Dan's our version of Dana Rohrbacher. Except Dana is wayyyyy smarter.

See ya Anthony. Remember: best mac 'n cheese in Indiana. Right here.

The money saved by giving Birth Control to Wild Mustangs will reduce the cost of "Rounding them up
this money in turn will be used for educational purposes for women; such as using condoms;summary US taxpayers will save millions of dollars each year if birth control is used on wild mustangs...(in 25 yrs. the blm has never used birth control!)