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Interview with Comedian Erin Foley: We Talk Buttered Rolls, Twitter and PR

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I always love meeting comedians. To me, they're like really funny public relations representatives who have to market themselves and erin foley communicate in a way that both engages and attracts an audience. This includes their skits and communications via their social media channels.

If they're not funny then they're out of a job, right?

That's why I was excited to have the opportunity to chat with comedian Erin Foley. Let's see how she feels about my PR comparison and how she uses Facebook and buttered rolls to engage her fans.

Interview with comedian Erin Foley

Before we get started, I have to know; what's the deal with the buttered rolls obsession?

I love buttered rolls. Can't get enough. I used to work in an office in NYC and my favorite part of the day was getting a buttered roll from the coffee cart guy. Yes, it's safe to assume the job was a stinker.

When and how did you begin your career as a comedian? Do you remember the first time you realized that comedy was the thing for you?

I performed in an improv troupe in college, then moved to NYC when I graduated to live with my sisters and experience the city. Improv eventually led to stand up comedy (which I had never seen before) and I was instantly hooked. I mean, I was bad, don't get me wrong, but I knew if I watched and learned and went at it with reckless abandon that I could be good at it. Still working at it!

One thing I love about you is that you're an out artist. Do you feel that being out and true to who you are has helped your career as a comedian and an actor? Any advice you'd want to give others who may be considering whether or not they should come out?

You only love one thing about me? C'mon! Ok, Ok. We haven't met yet. I honestly don't know if you could say "helped".  All I can say is that I'm able to talk about anything I want on stage, I'm completely me and that has brought me such joy. And I would venture to guess that the success I've had in my career is because that translates into whatever project I tackle. I never would tell anyone that they should or should not come out.

That is strictly their decision. Do I think they would be happier and funnier if they did? Absolutely.

Can you tell us what social media platforms you use to stay connected with your fans?

I love the Facebook. I really can't get enough. I'm becoming more fond of Twitter. I post a lot of my work on my youtube channel (youtube.com/erinfoley23). I try to keep new content on all of those sites.

I think of comedians as really funny public relations representatives on social media because you have to closely monitor what you say on your platforms. (At least that's what I would advise.) How do you feel about this comparison? Do you spend hours crafting each post you share on Facebook and Twitter? Do you bounce ideas for a status update or Tweet off anyone before posting?

I don't really craft my posts. Probably because I have spent hours everyday crafting my jokes, going over every word, making sure everything is perfect. So the Facebook and Twitter posts are just fun, quick outlets to let things fly.

I see you're advocating to get fans to move from your personal Facebook page to your Fan page. Trust me, you're not the only public figure to want your personal page back! Do you have a strategy to get people to move over or are you just going to start forcing them out?....

I guess I need a plan! I created the page about a week ago and then dropped the ball. I'll start sending out annoying mass emails threatening people to switch over or I'll steal their children. I mean, I'll give them back. Eventually. Did that sound creepy?

When I was flipping through your material I came across your acting reel. You were in the film Almost Famous. How did you score that role and what was it like sharing a scene with Rainn Wilson?

It was a fairly basic process. I auditioned a couple of times, met with Cameron Crowe, did some improv with him and then booked it. It was an amazing experience. Rainn was really fun to work with! I wish we had stayed in better touch. We re-connected at a show in LA about a year ago. He's fantastic.

You're a spokesperson for Nature Made vitamins. Are you now the winner of a life supply of free vitamins? Any hilarious outtakes that didn't make the clip below that you'd like to share with readers?

My Mom loves vitamins so we actually grew up on Nature Made! My life has come full circle. Thanks Mom Foley. NM sent me this kick ass basket of vitamins and all things healthy with I received on Christmas Eve. Very heart warming. I chased the vitamins down with gin. I have a fun outtake video on my youtube channel and I think it's on the NM Facebook page as well.

You recently left New York City for Los Angeles? How's LA treating you?

I'm slowly but surely enjoying LA. NYC is home so it hasn't been an easy transition, but it's 75 degrees and sunny most days so that's exciting. I've met some really great people out here and creatively there are a lot of opportunities, blah blah blah it's 75 degrees.

You're heading out to Indianapolis to perform at the comedy club Crackers. Is there a special message you'd like to share with your Indianers? (I'm actually not sure what people in Indiana call themselves.)

Hey Indianers! I thought I was Larry Bird growing up so you should come to my shows all weekend. I also really like corn. Wait, is that Iowa?

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Now I always thought they were "butter rolls," not "buttered rolls." Learn something new every day.

Huh? I've actually never heard of butter rolls. I just learned something new too!