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Let Me Count the Ways I Love My Dude

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I love Joe Brokken more and more every day.

27951_435201938464_740318464_5539464_2995769_n.jpgI love that he is the chipper one in the morning. I grumble my way through the dawn, stumbling for coffee. Not him. He's always happy in the morning. I love that.

I love that he is witty and can turn the simplest moment into the funniest thing I've ever heard. He makes me laugh, especially when I'm being too serious.

I love the look in his eye when he sees a seagull, like he's made a new friend who's going to be there for the rest of his life. "Have a fry," he'll offer.

I love the art he creates every day - beautiful reflections of his genius mind. He has a way of seeing the world that brings joy to everyone around him.

I love the way he walks. He's cool and dorky all in a stride. He has confidence and a true direction with each step.

I love his tenderness, the way he manages to hold me all night long. Even after 7 years, he's not letting go.

I love how his courage evaporates my fear. He literally helped me climb a mountain.

I love that he is not a better dancer than me. We both step on each others toes and look like we just walked out of a Revenge of the Nerds movie.

I love catching him have just one more chocolate, just a little more ice cream, just more.

I love watching him fix things. The farm boy comes out.

I love his stubbornness and how we get caught in the rain, or stuck on a beach with a quick tide because of it.

I love that he knows everything is going to turn out just right, and I love that he's always right about that.

Most of all, I love that he's chosen to spend his life with me. How lucky can a guy get?



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Congratulations. You are truly blessed.

Congratulations. You two are so lucky! Wonderful little story :)

Hey, I think I took that picture of the two of you above the fold! So adorable. Los Dos Joes!

And Joe, the beard looks GOOD!

Los Dos Joes strike again! The two of you are an adorably cute couple. I can't wait to see Joe the Dos again soon; I get to see you so much more often!!

(And the two of us loved being at the top of the Space Needle with you two when that pic was snapped.)

Maggie Metcalfe | February 14, 2011 1:37 PM

I love you Joes! You are both very lucky, and I know you do the work too. Congrats for every passing day! Happy Day of Love.

Regan DuCasse | February 14, 2011 5:27 PM

On this day, St. Valentine's...significant to those who cannot marry legally in the entire of our country, I salute this declaration of one man's love for another.

To share so generously what you do love about him, and why is sweet.
That you have him to enjoy in your days of vigor and expansion is blessed.

May all people know someone to love and be loved, and remember the sweet and the blessed.
Without it, we ARE a little less than our potential in full and to whom we may pass along more kindness and compassion when we love and are loved.

My best wishes to EVERYONE on St. Valentine's Day. He died so that those excluded from the full weight AND lightness of marriage, might have it too.