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Leviticus 19:28

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From the too-stupid-to-survive files...


While Leviticus 18:22 condemns homosexuality as an abomination, Leviticus 19:28 forbids tattoos.

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Yeah, and there is all that 'judge not lest you be judged' stuff too...

oh, and something about motes and beams...

Stop it! When you make fun of stupid Christians, you make fun of all Christians!

What is wrong with that?

You cannot be a Christian and quietly support LGBT people while the leaders of Christian faith openly encourage our destruction . If you are a Christian and do not openly and aggressively oppose anti-LGBT views, actions and rhetoric then you are an enemy of LGBT people - whether you're gay or straight.

Ditchhook, there is truth to what you say about making fun of Christians.

But here's the thing: The lunatics have co-opted those names and have successfully connected them with their own narrow views. You should know that people act on what they believe is true, not the way things they really are. The John Hagees and Kenneth Copelands do not represent all Christians. But they are the visible face of Christianity. In most minds the word Jesus does not refer to decent people who are living their faith. They do not bring up images of Mother Theresa, they do not signify the guy who volunteers for Meals on Wheels or works with the homeless. Instead they bring up Fred Phelps and their "God Hates Fags" signs. They bring up hypocrites such as Eddie Long, Ted Haggard, Jim Bakker and the rest.

As it is, Jesus is defamed because of the actions and words of "Christians". Its up to Christians who are real Christians to reclaim that name. As a non-Christian this is not my job. Its yours. Its up to you and others who call themselves Christian to reclaim the word and its meaning.

Someone who lives as Jesus taught in Matthew 25:31 - 46, is worthy of respect, regardless of their religious path. The televangelist who is caught with a prostitute is not.

His parents must be so proud. :-/

Wait, is that what it says? I'd never lie with a woman the way I would with a male... All this time I thought it was anti-gay, when it turns out it's really just anti-bi! :)

Or maybe the translation is messed up? In which case we should look at the original, in which the word used is not "male", but "male temple prostitute"...

And yes, 19:28 is anti-tattoo. But then who has time to read past chapter 18?

who's he trying to remind of that verse? others or himself?

I wonder if he's got the word 'IRONIC' tattooed on his other arm.

Oh you silly gay(or not)people. Can't you read? It says, You shall not LIE...

Assuming it's addressing men, it means you shall not speak "untruths" to your male friends (interpreted to mean it's okay in the form of jest), but you can in most circumstances lie like the dickens to a woman.

As Nelson on The Simpsons would say, "Ha, ha."

You know, if I were going to get a bible verse tattooed on my arm, it'd probably be another one. Like the one about Jonathan bowing three times to David.

Did someone forget to mention that the entire Old Testament (especially the Pentatuch...the first 5 books of the Bible) is directed at the Jews? It also says not to eat screech owl and lobster...not to mention tasty tasty bacon! Really the only condemnation from the New Testament comes from Paul, who was not the best when it came to relationships. He also said you should not get married unless you could not avoid "burning with passion" 1 Cor 7:8. However, how many Christians beseech God to remove their desire to marry?

This verse is more about straight men who have women who love untruly with men out of cult obligation. It's a similar sin to force a gay man into a straight marriage, to lie with women the way he would with a man. Most the admonitions are similar to the Oman admonition of not having sex simply out of obligation to one's cult. Prostitution in general was discouraged but more particularly if it was with someone you wouldn't normally do it with. The bible doesn't go into details on hermaphrodites but does mention eunuchs and gay men (the ones they didn't have to castrate).

Wasn't this the guy who was buddies with the attacker of a gay man who suffered some severe injuries on camera? I recall this punk saying that this was nothing more than a beat down. Actually, this was 2 on 1 aggravated / heinous street robbery. The victim barely survived.