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Licking Your Own Penis & Katy Perry's Huge Boobs

Filed By Michael Buckley | February 09, 2011 8:00 AM | comments

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Tags: Bahrain, Cosmo magazine, Katy Perry's boobs, Lea Michele, lick your own penis

Silly Comment Questions of the Day:
(Answer any or all!)

1. Are your boobs too big, too small or just right?
2. Have you been to a gay wedding? Do you know where Bahrain is?
3. Can you lick your own penis?
4. Any more TV Theme song requests for Buck to sing? What is your all time fave?
5. Do you think Lea Michele is too racy on Cosmo's cover?

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1. Just right but hope they grow larger!
2. Part 1 Yes! Part 2 yes, but who cares!
3. Only if I remove it from the jar it came in!
Never heard of pickled penis?
4. None
5. Lea Michele is too racy? Does not look that way to me! I wish I looked like that!

Oh, dear.

1) Just right
2) No and yes
3) I'm pretty certain that I can, I'm a pretty flexible guy but I've never TRIED that. Maybe now I will, LOL.
4. No.
5. Nope.