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Margaret Cho: Please Marry Me

Filed By Anthony Carter | February 21, 2011 6:00 PM | comments

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I have never been with a woman.

It is my passionate plea that any and everyone who reads this let Margaret Cho know that I am single and available.


I know what you're thinking. She's married; you're gay. Simple mistake, means nothing.

Don't be so judgmental.

I am sure that when me and Ms. Cho meet, we will put our brilliant minds together and come up with something mutually beneficial for all involved parties. Hey, we've got a black President, the internet and free long distance calling. Anything is possible. I remember when all of the aforementioned items were the stuff of dreams - science fiction, if you will.

So come on peeps, help me throw my hat in the ring for Margaret's heart. I will personally make sure you all get an invite and maybe she could sing at her own reception. Is that tacky? Who gives a shit, it's my, I mean, our day. I would be happy to cook and clean. I can cook anything.

I make incredible brownies, macaroni and cheese and wonderful chicken dishes. Does anybody know if Margaret is a fan of Indian food ? Oh crap, I forgot, she has acid reflux, I think. I will be more than thrilled to make her milkshakes daily and keep the press and her rabid fans at bay.

Can anybody help me with this ? I can't offer money because I have none. However, you, the wonderful you, who ever you are, would get the satisfaction of knowing you had a hand in assisting divine order.

You would help by giving the Universe a kick in the ass and making me deliriously happy all in one swoop.

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Is that Dennis Rodman behind her in the photo? Sure looks like him, but I guess not since his face is hardware-free.

Ahhhh, Anthony, we share another guilty pleasure: MC worship. She's the best. Her stories abotj her mom are legend ("is HE the gay?")

Alas, if you marry her, you're off the market. I'm off the market, too, thanks to a wonderful man, but...if it ever changes, in the spirit of your MargaretFettish--where do you live, Anthony?

I'm a mean cook too. Margaret--and perhaps you--might appreciate that. My mac 'n cheese is the bomb. It has heavy cream, peppers, bacon, onion, a little garlic and five kinds of cheese.

Not to worry. I'm not a stalker. Just an admirer.

anthony carter | February 21, 2011 11:18 PM

I will marry you tomorrow Rick. Five types of cheese.... oh wait, I gotcha beat. I use seven and some serious secret ingredients which I am not at liberty to share if I want to keep me knee caps.. I live in Long Beach, CA

Thanks, Anthony...just flirting. My partner and I are tying the knot officially Memorial Day weekend. That is, if the Indiana House Republican thought police don't sic their dogs on me.

I'm too old to get arrested. But obviously, not too old to flirt. Cheers!

Oh yeah--sometimes if you don't use Mozarella, you can add four or five more different cheeses. The bacon drippings and peppers give it some kick.
I didn't say it was healthy--just good.

The other half uses hot sauce, but, then, if stereotypes hold, you know all about that, I'm betting.

Anthony I'm not sure what prompted your urges but I'll take dibs on your cast offs. I've never been with a gay man but I'll try to help him through his hard times after you toss him over.

As long as you stay away from Neil Patrick Harris, no blood will be shed. :)

So, a lesbian could turn you str8? Or just bi? Then *she'd* be bi? Or str8? Or...

Owwwww, nvm, my head is starting to hurt...

Well, one problem solved, lol

Those who know Cho know she is obsessed with trans men. She talks about them all the time. Like, literally, a creepy, drooling chaser kind of talking. So... either you are in that category of guy or you're not. It's hard to fake. :)

Just curious, do you know if this is wearing her 'lesbian' hat, or wearing her 'bi' hat?

(I am guessing you know what I am getting at...)