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MT Legislator Fears Blowdart-brandishing HIV+ Inmates

Filed By D Gregory Smith | February 09, 2011 11:30 AM | comments

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For real. But see for yourself:

Just to be clear she is wrong. HIV is a very fragile virus that dies within seconds outside the body. It is only spread by blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk - and there has to be enough virus to enter the bloodstream - it cannot penetrate healthy skin. An excellent resource is here.

On second thought, why don't we all mail her the link? Her email: [email protected] And if you'd like to call to register your displeasure at her shameless behavior, her number is 406-849-6096.

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Aw heck, it is just like you get STD's from toilet seats meme!! But emailing now!

Kathy Padilla | February 9, 2011 12:19 PM

Back in the day, inmates careful craftsmanship of shivs was considered almost an art form. I guess that's all forgotten now - like Coke in green glass bottles, they just don't make it anymore.

No respect for tradition.

This story is enough to make me spit -- but don't worry, Ms. Taylor, I couldn't hit Montana from here.

I's actually causing a bit of a stir out here and I'm glad.
On the record, I'm saying this:

"Ms Taylor's statement just shows the need for greater support and funding for HIV education and prevention in the State of Montana. Unfortunately, misinformation such as this is all too prevalent, leading to pointless discrimination and myth-based fears and policies. After 30 years of dealing with HIV, the public should be much better informed about its transmission. No wonder HIV infection rates haven't stopped."

The Positive Justice Center has released an articulate statement about the debacle:


"Please, please, keep the death penalty"


The HIV stupidity too. But I thought that part also needed to be pointed out. People who beg for people to be killed are more of a threat to society than people living with HIV, a straw, and a wad of paper.

guhhhhh people are gonna believe her!!