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Podcast Interview Series: Denise and Donna, Hosts of The Lesbian Lounge

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This is the last installment of my three-part podcast profile series. Earlier we heard from Phil Reese of Same Sex Sunday and Ben and Dave of The Six Pack. Now we're going to hear from two women who cover celebrity interviews and juicy gossip happening in and around the lesbian community. Meet Denise and Donna, hosts of The Lesbian Lounge.

Interview with Denise and Donna, Hosts of the Lesbian Lounge

How did you two meet and what led you two decide to do a podcast together?

Denise and Donna: We met about 10 years ago when we both volunteered to help organize a spoken word group. The podcast idea came years later from Denise. We would hang out at her house and do exactly what we do now, but without microphones. Denise drew up a kind of structured flow, we sought out great guests to call in, and The Lesbian Lounge began broadcasting.

Who's the funny one?

She is.

How often do you record the Lesbian Lounge and how can people hear the show?

We broadcast and record live on Wednesday nights, and release the podcast Monday mornings unedited and just as raw as the live show. The podcast is available free through iTunes or can be downloaded directly from our website, MyLesbianRadio.com. Broadcasting live is what has always set us apart from the growing pack of pod casters.

How do you select which content you cover on the show? Is there a script before hand or do you record unscripted?

There is a very loose format that we follow very loosely. (Did I mention "loose"?) We review the past week, have stellar guests call in and discuss whatever they want to share with us, and a few regular segments. There is no script and no rehearsal. We've been friends for so long and we know and trust the process of our interaction fully. And besides, anything we've ever rehearsed sounds rehearsed.

What social media platforms do you use to engage fans? How frequently do you update content on each platform?

We have a Facebook page for the show and website, as well as personal pages for each of us. Denise is the keeper of our Twitter feed and we have many embarrassing videos on YouTube. Facebook is updated regularly, especially to share who our guests will be each week. Twitter happens every moment Denise can handle, and we are at the mercy of Producer Vicki for our YouTube uploads. She waits until there's something good and awkward to share with the world and slaps it right up there!

Is there a strategy you have when using each platform? What type of content do you share and how frequently do you update? Who's in charge of managing and engaging with fans on the account?

The only strategy Donna uses is just constant stream of consciousness updating. And of course always advertising the guests of the week or if we have something special or unique to introduce. We post when the podcast is up and ready for download, too. We both handle the fan pages, Vicki manages YouTube, and Denise takes care of the Tweets.

What kind of growth and fan engagement have you seen on your social media platforms?

Facebook is certainly a wonderful "word of mouth" platform. You see something posted on a friend's wall and you can't help follow the link back to its origination. We have friend requests every day on all our pages and we can track each request back to someone who's already a friend. I would say that Denise is a bit more discriminating on her personal page than, but that's because she has WAY more friends than I do and I'm just trying to catch up!

Have you ever run any special promotions or fan engaging activities on your Facebook or Twitter accounts? If so, can you tell us about what it was and what kind of response you got?

Other than spontaneously announcing some silly contest on the air we haven't yet used any of our social media for that kind of interaction. But we always post our events and personal appearances and it's so great when listeners will come up to us at live locations and say hi. We love that! We talk about Facebook ON the show, funny posts, new friends, etc.

Have you ever done a live recording of the show? If an LGBT equality organization wanted to partner with you to host a live show, would you be up for it?

All of our recordings are live and we would love to work with any organization who asked.

Any big plans for the Lesbian Lounge in 2011? (i.e. iPhone apps or video casts)

The first exciting plan is to include some additional programming starting soon. We have engaged other podcasters to broadcast their shows through our website and will podcast those show through our site as well. We do plan to offer a phone app at some point in the future, too. We are really becoming global- Denise leaves for London in March, and we'll be two broads, on two different continents, doing one hilarious show, still live, still weekly. Thank god for technology!

There you have, this is the end of my podcast profile series. It's amazing how podcasts can be used to get the word out on so many different topics and to so many different audiences. If you have podcasts that you listen to to that you can't do without, I encourage you to share them in the comments section below.

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