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Rancho Bilerico: The Latest Houseguest

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Since we've moved to DC, Rancho Bilerico has become quite the popular place. While we had a few regular friends that would swing through Indianapolis and crash in the spare bedroom, it's nothing compared to the action our couch is seeing now.

Several contributors have spent the night, friends from around the country have come to visit, and the occasional activist will crash out. When poor Joe Mirabella was in town for the signing of DADT repeal legislation, he was almost smothered by our 90 pound boxer when Lucky decided to play his favorite nighttime game, "Will-The-Human-Notice-Me-Laying-On-Top-Of-Them." Joe did.

Sometimes the differences between Indy and DC are even more striking. In Indianapolis, people would take my judgements personally, question_mark_key.jpgbut here it's all just part and parcel of working in the movement. I've had lunch with administration officials, drinks with GOProud head honcho Chris Barron, and Zack Rosen, a recent target of my ire, is a regular coffee break buddy.

Since our DC apartment is the size of our bedroom back in Indy, we had to foster big ole Lucky with someone who had a bigger house and yard. Who volunteered? Even though I've been critical of her organization, GetEqual director Heather Cronk came to the rescue. Still, that's not the strangest incident of disconnect between work life and personal friendships.

Our latest guest arrives today. Lt. Dan Choi, also a frequent target of my commentary, will be staying on the couch while he attends the CPAC conference. We moved to DC, of course, because Jerame got a job with the National Stonewall Democrats. Somewhere Loki - not Lucky - is laughing.

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I know a stray cat that you can adopt.

Your new guest room is smaller than your old one, but it's in a better neighborhood.

you wrote a blog post about how you sold out and gave your dog away? gag.

So, how was it having LT Choi sleeping on your sofa?