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#SSS DOJ DOMA shift explained (as best as we can); DADT

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Remember back when I asked Senator Carol Moseley Braun about when she believed her Senate Colleagues would go back and do the right thing on DOMA? Neither of us realized how quickly we'd be seeing that. If you didn't hear it then, take a listen now. How the world changes in just one month.

This week we tackle the big one: the Justice Department's letter to Speaker Boehner informing him the Obama Administration would no longer defend the constitutionality of Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act in the numerous federal court cases working their way through the judiciary. What does this new position mean for the current cases, what does this not mean, and what can we expect (and even hope for). Immigration equality, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal" - everything has suddenly become very "dynamic."

Speaking of LCR v USA - the Log Cabin Republican's landmark case against the government over DADT discharges - the Administration finally filed their brief in that case as well. You're not going to believe what the Justice Department is saying there.

Meet the brilliant minds of our round table and take a listen to this 60 minute show in your browser, after the jump.

We are fairly heavy with legal scholars this week. Lending us their brilliance and expertise this week are:

We even had an interesting and heated but good-natured back & forth between host Joe Mirabella and one of our favorite frequent Republican guests, Log Cabin's Casey Pick. Our round table suddenly stumbled upon the topic of the anti-Union bill in the Wisconsin legislature, and we found a bit of disagreement in the room!

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Learn the background on the DOMA shift here:

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Really good, gnarly, honest, informative. More! More!

Alyson glad you love it! Also, glad you're bringing back gnarly!! Tubular!

Hey - good catch on the video, guys! I hadn't seen that (and don't see it anywhere on their site, for that matter). How cool that they used us for the Obama guest post.

I know! I was looking for a short informative video about DOMA and I knew I HAD to use that one! :-)