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The Penis that Almost Ruined Marriage Equality

Filed By Bil Browning | February 01, 2011 2:30 PM | comments

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If you'll be joining us in sunny, warm Minneapolis later this week for the Creating Change conference, be sure to check out this session that combines two of your favorite things - Bilerico and sex! minneapolis-is-cold.jpgWe'll combine some of our own experiences with running our respective sites while helping participants come up with their own campaigns to get publicity for a sexy cause. The session is Saturday at 10:45am.

The Penis That Ruined Marriage Equality
Communications, Media and Messaging - Fundamentals

By examining how queer blogs and media outlets have used sexually provocative stories, advertisements and images to advocate and report on queer rights, we'll examine how LGBT sex-positive messaging can help the cause and how much of our sex lives should be kept behind bedroom doors. What's the difference between promotion and pornography when it comes to politics and when is a little skin too much? And how can one penis ruin the entire marriage equality movement?

Presenters: Bil Browning, Bilerico Project; Zack Rosen, The New Gay; Daniel Villareal, Queerty; Trish Bendix, AfterEllen

And don't forget our annual cocktail reception on Friday evening. This year the event is co-sponsored by the Task Force, Queerty, AfterEllen, and The New Gay. We'll have a cash bar, munchies, and a helluva lot of opinions for one room. We usually draw a pretty big crowd, but we're going all out this year so you won't want to miss it. If you live in Minneapolis but won't be attending Creating Change, you're still welcome to attend our reception!

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Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | February 1, 2011 2:50 PM

Bil, will you perchance be passing through THE Minneapolis airport where you-know-who said "what do you think about this?" to an undercover cop?

Does that have anything to do with "The Penis that Almost Ruined His Marriage's Quality"?

(Maybe I need to look at your headline again.)

Damn, wish I could be there, but I'll be home finishing my latest porn film. But as a pornographer for social change, I'd suggest that the question "when is it too much" might be better "where is it too much, and where is it appropriate," because promotion and pornography are not mutually exclusive.

Also, I think the discussion usually focuses on the cynical use of sex to garner attention, followed by a bait and switch to other articles that have more political messages. But what about when the sex is the political message? While it might be distasteful to some to have sexy pics mixed in with political essays, don't forget to consider the potential of mixing political messages into porn. Millions of people watch porn, and most of it is free of social/political messaging, probably because producers aren't confident in their ability to tell a sexy story that incorporates a message. But I believe it can be done, and from my perspective, that's missing out on a key opportunity. I see the potential for naughty bits to win the movement for equality.

Also, I think the discussion usually focuses on the cynical use of sex to garner attention, followed by a bait and switch to other articles that have more political messages. But what about when the sex is the political message?

Oh, how I wish you could be at Creating Change, Tobi. Just for wisdom like this. :)

That's the point of our session in a nutshell. How can you be sex-positive AND still be seen as a legitimate media outlet? And how can we not just use sex to move a message but to incorporate it into the message itself?

And speaking of porn, Tobi, some of us are still waiting for that post you promised back when. ;)

That's proven a lot harder than I anticipated -- it's totally different when I have to take pictures myself rather than collect them on the internet. I did get one set together, but my laptop (which the only copy of the files were on) died. Hopefully I'll get around to fixing it or at least recovering the files and get on that.

Go figure, I work on Saturdays.

Brad Bailey | February 2, 2011 2:36 AM

When are you going to venture down here below the Mason-Dixon Line to start a new chapter of Bilerico in Arkansas. The Talibangicals who hold this state hostage need to be shaken up bigtime. I'd volunteer to be a part of it.

Hey Brad. We're actually doing away with our state level sites, but we're always interested in having new contributors join us - especially from states where we don't have anyone yet. Check out our About Us page for instructions on how to apply to be a contributor.

I'm sorry, but after seeing the headline, my brain went right to The Penis That Ate Manhattan.

Have a good conference. Who could have predicted that it would be cold in Minneapolis in February?

Hey! They got one girl on that panel. That's more than I thought would be there.