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Trouble with a Capital T, and That Rhymes with P, and That Stands for Pool

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 12, 2011 4:00 PM | comments

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I'm watching the movie version The Music Man, in which a traveling sales/conman goes to small town Iowa to sell them a marching band, and this number where the Professor is trying to convince the town there's something wrong seems particularly relevant in a post-2008 world. All that Professor Hill here needed was a blackboard and he'd have beaten Professor Beck to his own game.

And what's Prof. Beck's lesson today? Hate:


And it's a pretty profitable scheme he's got worked out there, raking in the tens of millions. Instead of just going after one River City, he's been going after all of them.

His schtick is old. Swindlers have been around forever and so have suckers, and they exist in both conservative and liberal forms.

This is why I often post about things I can't change - at least if we're talking about what's going on and we're clear on who's doing what we're probably better off in the end. It's better than nothing.

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Hmm, I went to his site and in order to "learn" from "Professor Beck(who has at least one unnecessary apostrophe on his homepage)," I have to subscribe and pay money. No thank you, sir. I get plenty enough of you for free.

Congratulations. You just got a glimpse of life in the Bible Belt. All the Harold Hills here are now prosperous Baptist ministers.

I don't know if you get MSNBC in France, but Chris Matthews uses this exact metaphor all of the time making the same point: fear sells. It's all a bit. Of course the psychos out there don't get that and take it seriously.