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Video from Mormon Mother Back on YouTube

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 19, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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This woman made a video denouncing Prop 8 but took it off YouTube when her standing in the LDS church was threatened. She now says she regrets that decision and put it back up.

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Tony Soprano | February 19, 2011 7:19 PM

If ANYONE deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, surely it is this lady, Melanie Salko (sp?) and her son, Wally!

There aren't enough positive words to describe her soliloqy: eloquent; loving not hating; thoughtful yet simple; focused; forceful yet peaceful; passionate; and above all, courageous.

Most importantly, she understands that 'slippery slopes' go both ways. Persecution of one group's marriage rights today affects can anyone tomorrow if this evil genie isn't put back in the bottle.

Her comments demonstrate that PEOPLE do not fail the LGBTQQIAAP community. Nor does doxology nor theology. Instead, most of our problems come from the misguided leadership, and/or membership, of organized religion(s), who are either uneducated, or wrongly-propagandized, about their own beliefs.

I don't know if the LGBTQQIAAP community or its support groups confer any awards. But, this woman certainly qualifies.

She is awesum and the Mormon church should take notice of what a good neighbor and a good American truly is.I can only hope the Mormon Church see's all the positive comments revolving around her video and instead of threatening to punish her embrace her wisdom.

I agree with the comments above--what an amazing and brave woman. AND she is 100% right and insightful. There is no doubt that allowing "exemptions" from the constitution is the slippery slope to loss of our democracy. There are people who believe that that people like this woman are over-populating our country and it should not be allowed (or should be heavily taxed)...for example. That is not so distant from the LGBT discrimination issues. I appreciate her willingness to speak out even with the attendant risks to her and her family.