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Why Exposing Hypocritical Family Values Politicians Is Necessary

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Once again some in the LGBT blogosphere are whining and having a cow over the call to expose hypocrites among the anti-gay, "family values" politician class who wrap themselves in the banner of "family values," oppose LGBT equality at ever turn and yet are cheating on their wives, seeking gay sex on the side, are twice or thrice divorced even as they whine about the "sanctity of marriage," or engaging in other behaviors that show the lie of their pretended piousness. And these are the same folks who shamelessly pander to the likes of the AFA and Bryan Fischer (who recently confirmed that he does really believe that gays should be placed in concentration camps), Tony Perkins and FRC, the ever self-enriching Maggie Gallagher, et. al, and repeat their nasty lies of anti-gay hate groups.

Bil Browning has made a call for here at Bilerico for dirt on such hypocrites in the Indiana legislature in response to an anti-gay marriage measure. Some - perhaps motivated for personal grudges - are calling this counterproductive muckraking and similar derogatory things. I disagree with Bil's critics. Here's why:

I call it playing hard ball and making the personal lives of our enemies the subject of public discussion - just as they do to the lives of LGBT citizens every time they pander to the Christianists, vote for anti-gay measures and engage in other conduct that helps maintain an atmosphere where homophobia is rampant and where suicide still seems the best option to far too many gay teens.

Here in Virginia, "family values" Republicans have killed every gay friendly measure in this year's legislative session. Many of these elected officials - while kissing the ass of Daddy Dobson's affiliate, The Family Foundation, describe gays as a menace to society, disease ridden and other truly horrible things. They have no qualms about slandering me, my partner, our LGBT friends and countless other LGBT Virginians solely to win points and votes.

If my life, my love and my partner and friends are going to be used as political footballs, then I say what goes around needs to come around. Our enemies have placed a bullseye on their own backs and made themselves targets for exposure it they aren't living the family values life they claim to worship.

This is an issue I feel very strong about and I've warned Virginia politicians in the past that there will be a price to pay for disingenuous pandering to anti-gay forces - former Congressman Ed Schrock (pictured before the jump) being the most high profile example. For those who don't remember, Schrock had the second most anti-gay voting record in Congress yet was soliciting gay sex on the side in the Hampton Roads area.

When I confronted Schrock (he called me on his cell from the House floor), his chief staffer threatened me with serious consequences, but ultimately Mike Rogers and others nailed Schrock and he dropped out of his re-election campaign. Others who are anti-gay and not living the "family values" life they claim to support deserve similar exposure.

You make my life, my relationships, and my civil equality an issue for craven political gain and I promise that I will do my best to come after you. That message needs to be made to echo loud and clear in every state in this country.

I repeat a statement I made the other day on my personal blog: anyone with any information on anti-gay politicians in Virginia that exposes them as hypocrites, adulterers, on the down low, or anything else not in accordance with their "family values" political posturing, bring it to me and, if substantiated, and I promise I will get it to those who can help expose the bastards and hopefully end their political careers.

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On THE VIEW this morning (yes, I watch....sigh), Scott Brown mentioned how FAMILY should be "off limits" in reference to the media attacking his wife or children.


The cruelty they perpetuate is overwhelming, yet since they do not consider our families "REAL FAMILIES", we're treated like animals.

I'm 1,000% behind "exposing the bastards and ending their political careers".

I agree that "being nice" and allowing dishonest homophobes to get away with "Do as I say, not as I do" has not proven to be helpful in reforming them, let alone disarming them.

But outing should be done with discretion, on the basis of "Live and let live." I see little benefit in exposing someone who is not apparently hostile to "equal justice under law" (other than, say, the simple fact of being a Republican).

On a slight tangent, for example, there is far too little mention of the probability that most people would reject the idea that the theology of a group of men who reject celibacy for themselves (except for the practice or condoning of statutory rape) should determine the legality of civil divorce or civil REmarriage.

We should have learned long ago (and President Obama has YET to learn) that acting as a doormat just encourages people to walk over you and wipe their feet on you.

I do agree that these people are hypocrite douches, and your anger is so real and legitimate, but if this escalates I'm worried that it might put a lot of pressure on LGBTQ people to prove that they're good gays who deserve their rights because they would never do anything immoral other than same-gender loving, you know?

I think we need to call shit out for sure, but also complicate morality and normalcy when it comes to sex and love and relationships because that is the way we all become liberated.

I also don't want to stigmatize divorce too much... I have many friends who have wonderful, family-loving parents despite their marriages not working out.

I say have at it. If you've achieved public office on a stated set of "values" and you can't keep it in your pants as appropriate, more the fool you. You've made yourself the tool of your own downfall. And the culture of self-hate that has kept us from outing these tools in the first place has got to be transformed. Hook-ups with famous hypocrites do not merit the confidentiality of the confessor or therapist. Anyone who engages in behavior she or he would outlaw while assuming his or her office provides protection deserves to be exposed.

The over-arching goal of such exposure is not the humiliation of any specific individual, but to reveal the hyopocrisy of fraudulent righteousness. There's enough hypocrisy out there that we could easily reach a point where the use of "family values" rhetoric automatically identifies candidates as morally suspect. Twisted, yes, but they are the ones who twirled it.

Tony Soprano | February 21, 2011 7:47 PM

"A Hypocrite is the lowest form of life I know" -
Tony Soprano.

The micro-management of citizens' private lives by any level of government is indefensible. Government actors who violate their oath to the Constitution deserve embarassment.

Anti-LGBTQQIAAP governors, state legislators, congresspeople and senators must be exposed, including any and all information in the public domain, such as their addresses. After all, I'm sure many of their constituents are having trouble contacting them via their office phones ....

Indiana and Montana are starting to look as gay friendly as Uganda.

You are completely justified in digging up dirt on these people, and I absolutely agree that they bring it on themselves. However, I don't think it helps us much in the long run because any such things will be seen as PERSONAL attacks -- those "crazy homosexual activists trying to distract the public from the real issues" which is a GREAT phrase for a NOM fundraising letter.

Btw- thanks for the laugh this morning, Lyndon. You made sure to be snarky about Bil with one L, but the only time you say my name is in the headline and it has 2 Ls there. Priceless.

I think that if someone was stealing money from a bank we would, without hesitation (I hope!) blow the whistle on them.

These are people who are stealing (or working very hard to try to steal them) our human rights from us. Why would we NOT blow the whistle on them?

I say that with one caveat - I don't think that any of the outings have done us a whole lot of good, other than giving us an opportunity to congratulate ourselves and laugh up our sleeves or out loud about how hypocritical the individual is.

People like Mike Rogers work really, really hard to find that information and get it out there when someone is calling us a thief while they're stealing from us - but what do we do with that information?

How many politicians who make a career out of stealing our rights have been outed? Let's start a campaign that works with that information.

I have a friend who uses porn and yet she is adamant that porn should be regulated by the government and she's very clear about why. The use of porn is, as she shared, something about herself that she doesn't like.

I would venture a guess that one of the reasons (other than to get elected or re-elected) is exactly the same - their homosexual tendencies or actions are something about themselves that they hate and fear and so they work to put more and more legislation in place in the hope that they won't be tempted to act on a very normal impulse.

But again - what do we do with that information? How are we using is to forward our goals, to make our points about our rights and that there's nothing wrong with us?

When we point one finger out, three point back. The message that they are hypocrites is often lost in what sounds like vilification of the fact that they like same-sex sex.

This framing/messaging thing isn't unique to the LGBT community. It's a sexual freedom issue that comes up when a politician is caught cheating on his wife too.

So what's the message? I'd love to hear from Cathy Renna on what our messaging should be.

Good post Mike. I appreciate this sentiment and feel that we should really keep their feet to the fire. One minor comment. My husband and I don't capitalize christianist because christianism is a political ideology. It isn't a religion.

Is my desire to see their dirty laundry exposed truly strategic or purely vindictive? If its the latter, I fear that the tactic may backfire.

I disagree that we, as a community, need to justify our morality or anything else. The hetero community does it all too. They also lie and cheat, have one night stands, hook up just for the fun of it. The person who tells us that we are sinners because we don't meet a particular standard needs to be called on it when he (or she) also does not meet that standard. Yes, we HAVE TO DO THIS. it is the only way we will make those people know that calling us sinful perverts means that we will examine their lives and make the same call if its true. The difference is that our standard is that we have to be completely honest. We have to make sure we have proof before we make accusations.