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Mainstream Coverage of Gay Cruising Misses the Point

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 23, 2011 12:30 PM | comments

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WBTV in Charlotte, NC, noticed that there was gay sex going on in their town. Outrage ensues (text version at link):

Here's the title of the story:

Internet Site Links Charlotte To Gay Sex

The silliness of this report obliges me to point out a few things to these journalists, who might not be familiar with either men or the concept of sex.

  1. Independent of what any "internet site" says, there is gay sex going on in Charlotte.
  2. People will have sex. Laws, education, arrests, violence, religion, and science have all proven utterly ineffective when it comes to stopping them.
  3. Following #2, if you set up a patrol in one park to stop people from cruising/having sex, they will find someplace else to cruise/find sex. Unless a real alternative is set up (which, as far as I can tell, Charlotte doesn't have), they will move from park to park.
  4. When police have repeatedly arrested people for cruising/having sex in parks, and they say that cruising/having sex in parks is an "on-going issue," that means that arrests don't work when it comes to stopping people from cruising/having sex in parks.
  5. Sometimes internet commenters, even on cruising sites, exaggerate what they saw. This is why real journalists confirm reports of an activity, especially when their primary source is an anonymous internet comment.
  6. No one who has actually walked in on the gay sex was interviewed, presumably because none could be found. The story "It's possible that someone will see this!" should be considered weaker than "Someone saw this!" even if the former contains teh gayz having teh butt-sechs.
  7. No one, not even children, will go blind, go insane, go mute, get hairy palms, take up drugs, be hospitalized, quit school, become gay, go into shock, or die if they accidentally walk in on people having sex.
  8. Parents aren't any more able to judge others on park usage than non-parents.
  9. Someone who's entire qual line is "PARENT" can't say it's "my park" any more than any of the men who cruise/have sex there. If this person actually does own the park, that should be included in the story.

I'm not saying that people should be happy with S-E-X in front of the C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N. I'm saying that people should be required to display a normal level of intelligence even after "sex" and "children" have been mentioned.

That assumes, though, that the fear is based on something rational, which is a big assumption.

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Thanks, Alex. As usual, the sanest person in the room.

As a resident of Charlotte, all I can say is that this is disturbing normative. Charlotte has significant issues on many fronts. This is just one example of those issues.

The one good thing about coverage such as this is that it supplies good arguments for the city authorities to allow some entrepreneur to open a bathhouse, just as other cities -- even cities in the Heart of the Deep South, such as Atlanta and New Orleans -- have done for years if not decades.

... And isn't the support of small businesses what "economic recovery" is all about?

lol. It's a recovery of a sort.

But yeah, although there are towns, like Dallas, that conduct gay sex stings in bathhouses. I think that's about as stupid as a city can get - they're not going to stop gay sex, they're just going to move it elsewhere.

I would say that one drawback to bathhouses is the price. A visit, if one is over 35, costs around 30 euro here in Paris unless one goes to one of the smaller bathhouses.

Dallas, and other such cities, are remarkably stupid ... they could just as easily demand payoffs as they could conduct raids ... but it's a matter of what kind of profit you want: Are you a well-positioned city father who wants a little extra folding cash so that every so often you can enjoy a sex party of your own? ... or do you want to aggrandize the Sunday school teachers on how you cracked done on "those evil perverts" (teh gayz, I mean!)?

Paige Listerud | February 23, 2011 3:22 PM

The surprise of the soccer moms speaks volumes. They haven't run into men having sex with men in the park--which ought to tell them that those men have no wish to be discovered by them or their children "en flagrante delicto." MSM obviously meet in quiet, discreet spots--far from the playgrounds or during hours that parents and children are unlikely to be there.

As such, the reporters are pulling a kind of "gotcha" story on the public. Straight parents who are unused to queer subcultures or think that same-sex behavior only happens in big cities become targets for news outlets throwing a little "shock and awe" into their reportage for ratings purposes. The same tactic was used by yellow journalists in the 19th century and unfortunately led to purity movements that brought about the Comstock Laws and raids on queer nightspots.

I'm saying that people should be required to display a normal level of intelligence even after "sex" and "children" have been mentioned.

Boy, you're not asking for much, are you?

I hope the people reading this article don't miss the point that SEX SHOULD NOT HAPPEN IN PUBLIC! It should be done behind closed doors, away from people who don't want to see it, and away from kids who shouldn't see it! We may be part of the animal kingdom, but we're also people. Animals don't get offended by sex, but we do. It's a PRIVATE activity.

Really? Public sex offends people? That explains the weird looks I get from tourists when I give hand jobs in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Oh Alex! ... You mean to fulfill my ultimate fantasy I have to travel all the way to Paris? ...

If your ultimate fantasy is a handjob in front of the eiffel tower, then yes.

friday jones | February 24, 2011 7:26 PM

In France, a hand job is called "le travail de main," AKA a "royale with cheese."

I agree with the person who said that there should be no public sex. Public is public. I am tired of hearing friends tell me about having sex with someone in the bathroom of the bookstore (famous chain) up the street. A good friend -- a straight woman who is a major ally of GLBT issues here -- complained to the manager because her little boy walked in on two guys "doing something." Get a hotel room already!

I thought our community believed in "your rights end where mine begin" etc. Well, it's a public bathroom, not a public sex room. I'll say it again: Get a room already!