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Working: My Campaign Is Taking Off

Filed By Bil Browning | February 18, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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Not only has my call to expose the dirty underbelly of the Indiana legislature been covered by most major LGBT blogs and publications, it's also making local news. CBS's political reporter, Jim Shella, wrote about it on his blog, the topic lit up this week's talk radio, and yesterday I did a Skype interview with the local Fox affiliate.


Where is the campaign really taking off? The Indiana Statehouse - staffers, lobbyists, and a few legislators have been very cooperative. It's looking like I'll have enough facts to expose a few hypocrites in the next week or so thanks to my helpful sources.

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I've heard some online worry about "collateral damage", from media harassment of the politicians sex partners to possible suicides.

Well, war has always involved "collateral damage".

It still baffles me why there is so little education about the SERIOUS HARM that results from discrimination. What about victims like this?:

BOB- His partner dies after they've been together for 24 years and the two kids they had adopted 6 years prior to his partner's death are taken away by DCS the day after his partner died and Bob had no rights because he had no marriage rights and no lawyer will handle the case because he was told repeatedly "No Judge Will Hear It".

I realize losing a job due to discrimination is horrible, and it's unproductive to play "what's more traumatic", but I know from personal experience that having one's FAMILY ripped apart and traumatized has left more scars than any job loss. I've been homeless, but (for me...repeat....for me) that scar has paled in comparison to having my family and children harmed due to marriage IN-equality. As a self-employed teacher who worked at home, the lack of marriage rights ALSO led to job loss and disabling P.T.S.D. anyway.

I SAY OUT EVERY POLITICIAN who uses our family for their own SICK need for social dominance and political power.

I'm sorry to be heartless ... but some of our young LGBT people are being bullied to the point of suicide, and these people are totally cold to that fact.

So in the face of this talk about "potential suicides" ... well, if we take a "let the chips fall where they may" attitude, we are being no more callous than they are.

I've heard similar comments before, but what I never hear is a DISTINCTION made between violence or "callousness" for it's own sake (or out of ignorance and hatred) versus violence or "callousness" related to the very real need for self-defense and the need to defend an entire community's right to being included in our Constitution in order to keep families safe from harm.

And honestly, I don't care about winning popularity contests or being accused of "stooping to their level"; I just want this very real suffering to end for families and their children NOW.

Quotes from video:

"people who FEEL attacked"?!?! - Unless you are LGBTQ and have actually BEEN attacked by discrimination, you are discussing a "theory". She seriously needs to hear from those whose lives have been traumatized and destroyed by inequality.

"have some congeniality in the way we treat each other"?!?!?! - He is obviously CLUELESS to the damage his sick beliefs cause.

Again, why are so many politicians UNAWARE of the damage? Denial? Blissful Ignorance?

VIOLENCE against our families and children due to Marriage Inequality:

Lay off Mary Ann Sullivan. She is one of the biggest supporters of GBLT rights in the statehouse. Perhaps she could have phrased things a little better, but she is definitely on our side. To make any progress, we need people like her who are working within the system just as much as we need people working from the outside as well.

I have to agree with John above. The one that jumped out at me was, "...oughta have respect for government, and have some congeniality in the way we treat each other."

A joke on so many levels. Let me translate this statement for those of you not knowledgeable in political speak. It really means, "I'm an elected official, so the rules don't apply to me. You need to just respect me and my privacy and the way I chose to lead my life (pay no attention to the three hookers behind the curtain over there) because I am the government, and I'll treat you any way I wish, but you need to be nice to me."

out the hypocrites Bil. thank you for fighting for us.