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Lesbian Couple Applauded by School

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Yesterday I posted about a lesbian couple in the Anoka-Hennepin school district (which has become a primary battlefield in LGBT school fights over the years) who was told they couldn't walk together as elected royalty at a pep rally. They sued Friday, Saturday they came to an understanding with the school, and yesterday they walked while their classmates cheered.


Anoka-Hennepin schools have been sued before, including a recent suit by two teachers who were accused of harassing gay students and whose names were released to the media. A gay teen committed suicide after being bullied there, his mother became an advocate for stronger anti-bullying language, and an anti-gay group formed in the town to prevent the school from taking any action to prevent future bullying. A battle to take down gay-supportive posters happened a few years back (with the school caving to the Minnesota Family Institute).

Which is interesting, considering the school is officially neutral on matters related to sexuality:

Teaching about sexual orientation is not a part of the District adopted curriculum; rather, such matters are best addressed within individual family homes, churches, or community organizations. Anoka-Hennepin staff, in the course of their professional duties, shall remain neutral on matters regarding sexual orientation including but not limited to student led discussions.

The school decided that two girls walking together would make some people uncomfortable and embarrass the two boys who would then have to walk together, a decidedly non-neutral approach to the situation. Then again, if the two choices are that they walk together or they don't, with a positive and negative value attached to them, respectively, there is no neutral approach to the situation. The school tried to make them walk individually, then have them walk with parents or teachers, and then canceled the event, all of which are value judgments on two girls being in a relationship with one another when the only reason they're happening is that the school is afraid of them being so conspicuous.

Congrats to them for walking and for showing (with photographic evidence) that the students at that school are a lot more mature than the grown-ups.

image from, which has other pictures of the couple

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Paige Listerud | February 1, 2011 12:29 PM

They look proud and gorgeous!

Congrats Dev and Sarah, you deserve your victory walk.

I hope this rattles the cages of Anoka-Hennipin's homophobic faculty and administration. Get with the times, bitches!

"They look proud and gorgeous!"

Don't they though? :)

It makes me smile to think of the life they have ahead of them, the ways the world has changed for this generation, and the ways they are changing the world.

I am so proud of all these young queers standing up and being true to themselves, and seeing who they are as just fine. I look forward to seeing the future they will help create.

Brad Bailey | February 1, 2011 6:27 PM

It's not a question of maturity on the part of the students. They are not paid by the taxpayers and don't have jobs that force them to follow public policy.

When the school was immediately sued for not following public policy while being homophobic, and when the school caved one day later because they knew they'd lose at trial, I'm not inclined to believe they were just following public policy in preventing the girls from walking.

Regan DuCasse | February 1, 2011 6:42 PM

Indeed, they ARE beautiful girls, brave and their peers knocked it out of the park the reason why the school authorities, had NOTHING to fear.