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Here's a note to our Congressional and Gay Inc leadership... If you want to understand why people are confused about the status of ENDA and never sure what's really going on and where the truth lies, perhaps you WTFshould start with some self-examination.

Barney Frank in MetroWeekly on Sunday (and quoted on Bilerico yesterday): "It's an organizing tool. Obviously, with the Republicans in power, you're not going to get the bill even considered."

Barney Frank about ENDA's re-introduction in a press release yesterday at 6:02pm: "Passing an inclusive ENDA is a difficult but winnable fight - winnable if supported by a serious lobbying effort. The bill we are about to introduce provides an important vehicle for that effort."

NCTE head Mara Keisling and NGLTF leader Rea Carey in an e-mail containing talking points for United ENDA members yesterday at 6:31pm: "Though it is unlikely that ENDA could pass in the current House of Representatives, we see this Congress as an important opportunity to continue the education of Congress that is vital to ultimate passage of the legislation."

Nothing confusing there! Maybe someone should have given Frank a copy of the talking points. All the orgs will release press releases tomorrow after the introduction. It'll be interesting to see if they're realistic or full of carefully worded fluff.

Move along, folks. It'll happen. They promised. Again. Maybe. (img src)

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It won't pass this Congress. John Boehner won't bring it up for a vote and, if ENDA passing was tenuous in the Senate before, it's not going to happen now that Republicans gained seats.

Are we all on the same page? Frank was probably just trying to get people to lobby for ENDA this year and next year, which they should be doing anyway. If Dems retake the House in 2012, most of the same people will still be there.

I'm not sure I see the glaring inconsistency in these statements.

Nobody believes Speaker Boehner will allow a vote on ENDA. Nobody. Barney Frank is saying that introducing the bill is an organizing exercise--that we must stay engaged and continue educating lawmakers in both parties about the need for it.

At the rate they're going, we'll have nationwide marriage equality before ENDA gets passed.

Oh it's an exercise all right, a political exercise by Democrats who are desperately hoping we'll forget how they threw us under the bus yet again before the next election season begins in earnest, despite a decade plus of promises that once they had the votes (which they clearly did) they'd get ENDA passed into law.

Here comes the well-polished turd again. Let's give it all of the credibility it and those trying to sell it to us are due.

Nothing to see here, move along, move along...

Lobby and educate, but don't get your hopes up? Why bother?

I think we should give Congress another learning experience about what happens to failed leadership since they've forgotten their last lesson already. Lets all agree on one thing Barney Frank,NGLTF and NCTE are all failed leadership or at the very least full of failed leadership. Let's hold them accountable and fire them.Then replace them with can do leadership that recognizes we don't all fit neatly under one umbrella and works to serve the needs of all based on the individual needs of each group not the well it probably won't happen but we can try maybe sorta kind of if we keep you all lumped together failed leadership.

It's time to quit beating a dead hose. Time to let ENDA pass away into oblivion!

What needs to be done instead is to pass an amendment to the Civil Right Act of 1964 to include gender identity/expression and sexual orientation. Why? Because ENDA only covers *employment*. It *doesn't* cover public accommodations, housing discrimination, etcetera.

Time to have TLBGs as *full* citizens NOW -- not piece by piece!

I think the big problem there is it would give the Republicans a chance to muck around in the Civil Rights Act. I'm pretty sure ethnic minorities would have a fit because it could end up taking away some protections if the far right had their druthers.

They need an excuse? If they are going to muck around with it, they will. Trans or no Trans, Gay or no Gay. Maybe repeal it on the grounds that it goes against "freedom of association" and "religious freedom". That maybe it was necessary in 1964, but not now.

Not including Trans and Gays in it actually supports that position. If they don't need it, then neither do Blacks, Jews etc who suffer *less* persecution now. Or so the GOP will say.

The fact that our leadership is confused shouldn't come as a big surprise. But I'm not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I think we should use the opportunity in our own way and in our own time. I'm glad ENDA got reintroduced. Miserable as this whole process is, I say make hay while the sun shines.