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A Bilerico Blogger in the Baby Dyke Years

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While recently visiting my childhood home, which I like to call the Stein museum, I dug up this little gem. At 17 (cue Janis Ian), 195190_1726693722001_1078166815_31723531_2384018_o.jpgI was the "Baby Dyke Heroine" in the February 1995 issue of Deneuve magazine (before Catherine Deneuve sued and the magazine changed its name to Curve), profiled in Bree Coven's "Hey! Baby" column.

While not all the quotes are entirely accurate, which concerned me when the piece came out, nearly twenty years later I am throughly tickled by this find.

I particularly enjoyed reading that I slept through that year's main Pride parade but adored the Dyke March, which has pretty much become an accidental annual tradition. I still think feminism and "gay and lesbian" rights (now I'd say queer or LGBT) are inextricable. I still have many of the same dyke heroines: Ani DiFranco (who graced the cover of that issue), Sarah Schulman, Audre Lorde. I still have that Hothead Paisan/Lesbian Avengers tee-shirt. And, most happily, I still write every day.

Given the startling transformations in the queer community -- and in my life -- since the early 1990s, it is nice to see that some things never change.

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Love the pic - such a pensive and somber baby dyke!

At 17? You started in activism young. That only makes me love you even more!

Aww, thanks Bil! In fact I started even younger than that. It's so nice to get props for it, after all the shit I've gotten over the years, LOL!

Jeez, even the Rainbow House has gone straight. Sign of the times.