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Cave Painting of a Dinosaur?

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The nutjobs at the Kentucky creationist "museum" have made another ludicrous claim in their desperate attempts to link modern science with a bunch of nomad's oral history stories written down thousands of years ago. Jesus_on_raptor.jpgThis time they say a cave painting found in southeastern Utah shows a long necked dinosaur.

The scientists who discovered the drawing, however, wrote an article for Palaeontologia Electronica (and with a name like that, you know it's a serious journal!) that basically says the creationists are full of shit. They say it's a glyph of a snake and that the "legs" the creationists see are really just mud stains. You see, the drawing was found on the dirt and rock walls of a cave.

I hear the next big exhibit planned at the museum is a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with the Virgin Mary burnt into the bun. If you stuff a couple of french fries into it, it looks like a pterodactyl is swooping in to eat her meaty goodness. And that's why dinosaurs are extinct; they ate Jeebus' mom, he got seriously pissed and wiped them all out with his magical AK-47.

You can see the cave drawings at the Daily Mail.

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I don't get the whole creationism thing, but then it's not for me. It seems to be more about developing an identity that centers around believing the same lie than it is about a rational belief in said lie.

Kinda looks like Dino from the Flintstones... isn't that enough proof that dinosaurs and humans co-existed? :s