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Christian Homophobia Builds Character

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Leave it to the website of David Horowitz, the veteran of the PC Wars Target.jpgof the 1980's, to finally just say in about a straight-forward fashion as possible what I've been reading between the rightwing lines for years now: Christian homophobia is good for gay people while Islamic homophobia is bad. The former isn't really that bad - just Good People with deeply-held viewpoints about arcane legal procedures like marriage - but the latter is will result in the death of Western Civilization.

The goal of this argument is also made obvious here: Instead of criticizing Christian homophobia, we should declare our fidelity to Christian homophobes like good little soldiers. They're part of our tribe, and even though our tribe may treat us badly, loyalty to the group is more important than, say, our happiness or well-being. Also, the world is black-and-white, gay and gay-friendly Christians and Muslims don't exist, and neither Christian nor Muslim homophobes can't change their opinions.

It's also interesting that this argument was made on an issue that isn't even about Islam:

So Gaga thinks Target should not give money to politicians who are anti-Sharia and anti-gay marriage. But she wants all their money to go to candidates who claim they are pro-gay marriage but defend Sharia. [By "defend Sharia" he means "are Democrats," since according to this author all Democrats are pro-Sharia. --Ed.] That means they are supposedly pro-gay marriage while ignoring laws that make being gay a crime punishable by death. Doesn't really make sense does it?

Gaga might want to consider that Islamic law preaches hate to homosexuals, while Christianity may be against gay marriage yet loves homosexuals as people who were created by God. That means Christians are more pro-gay than those who are pro-Sharia, and that includes the pro-gay marriage Left she wants Target to support.

The original piece is riddled with factual errors (the author doesn't even know that the original controversy was about independent expenditures, not campaign contributions), and is based on not a small amount of crazy, but it does lay out the argument and it explains quite honestly the point of it.

It's not all that different from the right's tactics on any issue directed at any class that they're screwing over, and it's had its successes in the past. But it'll be harder to use this tactic on us, which depends on our ignorance, than on the working class since big-time Christian conservatives don't even go pretend to like us.

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Brad Bailey | March 14, 2011 11:35 AM

Who turned you on to this article? I'm assuming that you don't regularly read Horowitz's stuff.

Did you read the bio on the author of this article?

"Paul Cooper is a husband and father above all else. With a wife and 2 daughters he could use a dog, but sadly he only owns a cat – a female cat no less. Paul is also a pastor, blogger, and business owner."

That one statement tells me everything I need to know about these people's values.

"The political Left are vehement defenders of the spread of Islam and Sharia. They fight harder for Islamic rights than gay rights every day."

Really? News to me.

Current far-right opinion is that Muslims are seeking the destruction of the West from within by moving here in droves and breeding like dung flies, while the white upholders of "Western Civilization" are being lax in their procreational duties to God and country.

Christopher Hitchens nailed it on the head by calling it "White Fright." Supposedly in fifty years, whites will be a minority race. And all the David Horowitzes of the world are playing Chicken Little (the sky is falling!).

Sorry, but until Muslims advocating Sharia law become as drunk with power as the Christo-fascists currently are, I'll keep my sights set on the latter.

I read lots of stuff every day, Brad. It warps my fragile little mind. :)

But it was Google. I have a few searches set up each day that I check out to see what's new. If I depended on LGBT media I wouldn't be seeing as much as I do now.

Maybe we should show him the sign from the NOM rally with the drawing of two nooses, a Bible verse, and the message "the solution to gay marriage"