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Gay-ish Ad for Mercedes-Benz

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 23, 2011 6:00 PM | comments

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This is a strange ad for Mercedes-Benz. Like, does everyone stop and look at the protagonist because she's pretty and therefore can't be a lesbian? And why is she silent and nervous until she's saved by her knight with a shiny car, and then she's silent and worshipful?

Ugh, this is why I can't watch TV.

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you sure the "bearded" guy is not a woman in drag?

Om Kalthoum | March 23, 2011 7:11 PM

Because every woman drives endless miles through the desert in a slinky little dress and high heels.

I hope to one day drive a Benz through the desert in that dress and find that guy... just sayin' I'm sold on the concept (not on the car, which I think was the point?)

Weird, indeed. And, what, the gays and lesbians are going to force her into a life of homosexual depravity, cocooned with red flannel, hence a knight in a well-cut suit to rescue her? What is she so scared/nervous of?

It would be fun if the model came out. I don't even care for coming out narratives, but this one would serve Mercedes-Benz right.

Yes, why couldn't the guy in a suit have been replaced by a woman... in a suit?

What am I supposed to be buying? I'm so not sure. A car? Or a diner? It's like a Swedish movie; it just makes no damn sense.

Laurie Edwards | March 24, 2011 11:40 AM

And what's her handsome English knight-in-shining business suit doing in a gay bar, anyway?

I think the implication is that he also has one of those things in his car that tells him not to fall asleep while driving.

Paige Listerud | March 24, 2011 3:42 PM

This is the most god-awful piece of classist shit I've ever seen. Run for your lives--it's ugly, sex-starved, rural queers ready to jump your (straight) femme ass! It's Deliverance meets Midnight Cowboy!

Ugh! Where are my molotov cocktails? I want to bomb the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer and then the advertising company that put out this crap.

João Pedro Veiga | April 6, 2011 6:17 PM

I think the ad is a little racy but I wouldn't say discriminatory or offensive in any sense.

Yes, I believe the main implication of this ad is that both the woman in the dress and the man in the suit were there because their Drowsiness Alarm Gadget (or whatever the name of that is, I don't care to know and please don't tell me) informed them they they were driving for too long and should get a break. So they took a break.

The thing is that they end up in this gay mini-diner in the middle of nowhere. Now, this might sound silly, but why is a gay mini-diner doing there in the middle of the desert? Is it something common in America? I mean, for truck-drivers or something?

Still, this ad adheres to the strange (and I would say slightly prejudiced) notion that if you enter a gay bar people inside will start glaring you like wild wolves. I don't believe it is so. I might be wrong, though.

I once entered a gay bar with two friends, one gay and one straight. "Just for laughs", we said to each other. When we entered, it was THE SAME as entering any other disco. Except for the purple. "What's up with all the purple?", I remember thinking to myself. Only ONE GUY came to me and asked "Can I buy you a drink?" to which I stupidly replied "Hey, man, I'm not gay nor anything" to which he said something I'll never forget. He said "I KNOW. I'm just asking if I can buy you a drink..."

Had a fun time there. Found extremely relieving the fact that were no girls (literally, there were two or three in the entire room) to impress so I could be more at ease.

Anyway, back to my point: no one stood there like I just entered a MS-13 bar and was about to get wacked, like in this ad.

The straight guy appearing and asking the thing about the Gadget puts things into context. She surely felt out of place, as any person would feel because it comes out of nowhere, and there was a proper reason for that stoppage (the Gadget itself, that eventually made her found her love, yadda yadda buy this car).

Overall, this particular ad is a bit unnecessary (there were certainly other ideas they could have followed, more original or funny ones) and other than that it is extremely non-sensical. It just makes no sense, even for an ad. Still, to feel offended by it would take a bit of a stretch.