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Heterosexual Privilege On Display

Filed By Bil Browning | March 24, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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Tags: Colorado, heterosexual privilege, Kevin Lundberg, New Jersey, state senate

Watch as Colorado state senator Kevin Lundberg displays his heterosexual privilege without a clue that he's doing it. How disheartening to see him argue what he thinks is a sound point without even thinking about the flip side of it.

Perhaps someone should remind him that the reason no one asked about the "proof of his marriage" is because he didn't show up with a man instead of a woman. (Hat tip to Daniel Gonzalez)

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Paige Listerud | March 24, 2011 3:16 PM

No proof of discrimination according to your own limited personal observations?

Dude, you're white. If we listened to you, there would be no "proof" of racism.


Um could it be due to the fact you are family, your daughter is family... If the hospital is progressive you might get in or not. Middle road they might share info through a password system. Hospitals are not always friendly if your LGBT.

DUH! Maybe he should actually meet some GLBT families!

Geeze! His head was shoved so far up his own a55 he still has sh1t behind his ears!

This is the kind of guy that would go to a Klan meeting and say that it was a nice social event.

He would comment that the party he went to last night was a nice party... yeah, a Nazi party.

This guy is white male hetro cis privleged and obvoiusly hasn't got a clue about others issues.

Rick Sutton | March 25, 2011 7:21 AM

Bad suit, bad argument, bad logic...a complete and total miscreant loser. He's a senator inside the Senate chamber wearing a nametag. His constituents must be so proud.

Sadly, Bil, as you know: he'd probably be Valedictorian of our legislature.

Jefferson weeps.

Have yall ever thought about posting transcripts with your videos? It's helpful not only for those with disabilities who may not be able to hear or understand a video, but also for those of us who can't access youtube at work. :)

Unfortunately, most of us only do this in our spare time or, in my and Alex's case, try to whip out several quickly throughout the day. Doing a transcript takes a lot of time that most of us just don't have.

If you can suggest a (hopefully free) software that will assist with something like this, I'd love to offer the service. But right now we're too buried under everything else to do it. :(

Often there are transcripts already available, especially for stuff like political commentary. Shakesville (my favorite feminist blog) often links to someone else's transcript, or reposts it with credit. They also frequently ask for readers to help out with transcription, or to link to transcripts in the comments which they later append to the post. I know you guys are busy. Thanks for taking my suggestion seriously.