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How Discharges Will Happen Post-DADT

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Here's a preview for what life will be like in the military for LGB soldiers. Stephen Jones is being charged with "deriliction of duty" for the incident described below:

dadt-protest.jpgAccording to the Navy's investigative summary of the episode, the trouble started shortly after midnight Feb. 6, when Jones's roommate, Tyler Berube, returned from an out-of-town trip.

As he opened the door, Berube saw Jones "asleep in bed with another male sailor," according to a statement that Berube gave to investigators. Berube stated that both were wearing only boxer shorts but got dressed and left after he woke them up.

Jones said in his account to investigators that he was wearing pajamas but that neither he nor his friend, Brian McGee, had intended to fall asleep or spend the night together. He said the encounter was platonic.

The investigative summary and charging documents do not specify how Jones's actions constituted unprofessional conduct. Jones said his friend often stopped by his room to watch videos, and he noted that visiting hours lasted until 2 a.m. that Saturday night. He and his attorney said they have repeatedly asked the Navy for clarification.

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Dougan, the Navy spokesman, acknowledged that no regulation specifically prohibits sailors from falling asleep in the same bed. He said rules do require them to "behave professionally in the barracks" and that Capt. Thomas W. Bailey, the commanding officer, concluded that Jones and McGee had not done so. "The determination was that two sailors sharing the same rack was unprofessional."

McGee was also charged in the case. Unlike Jones, he agreed to accept disciplinary proceedings that resulted in docked pay but allowed him to stay in the Navy.

Neither man was officially charged with being gay. But Jones said McGee told him that Bailey "asked him if being a homosexual was going to be an issue" if he stayed in the Navy.

Because of the new restrictions put on DADT investigations by Robert Gates, there hasn't been anyone discharged under that law since last October. This is our first glimpse into the post-DADT world.

That doesn't mean that everyone in the military is all gung ho about the rainbow. The situation above reminds me a lot about how indecency and lewdness laws, which are written vaguely, are often used by police to justify prosecuting people for being gay or looking for gay sex in public, even if the planned sex was going to occur in private. Who cares? Even if the charges don't stick in court the entire process - with name, address, and photo given to the press - is a sort of punishment.

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D: OH NOES!!!!! That means everyone I served with in the Navy is gonna get discharged for 'unprofessional conduct' while in the BEQ!
Seriously, WTF?
And 'visiting hours'??? Were they in jail to start with? Visiting hours infringes upon Night Check and Mid Check personnels lives greatly impacting QoL. I only ever saw visiting hours at one common and those were dropped in just a few weeks of implementation. Someone obviously has a had on to fuck this kid! (that's sailor talk, get over it)

lol. I think all dirty talk is unofficially sailor talk.

I think this problem will solve itself once the straight guys appreciate they can't have their female friends stay late either. The military will have no choice but to apply the same rules to them as to gays.

The result will be straight and gay guys will beat the living crap out of anyone, straight or gay, who tattle tails about anyone's love life. A few blanket parties for such jerks should solve the problem.

uh... Actually even in a 'closed' BEQ in a room with 5 room mates 'arrangements' are often made for junior guys to have their girl freinds in the BEQ over night.

Sadly, when it comes to barraks life there are RULES and thier are 'rules'. Both sets of rules are flexible.

The rules that state that 'NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE BEQ' is one of the STUPIDEST rules ever made. 18-30 year old healthy adults are sexualy active. Guys in that age group are best described as 'monkeys trying to pull the last bannana out of the bunch' constantly. Oh, wait, thats agianst the regs too isn't it? The rules in question and as written have thier basis in the 1880's and are antiquated. Everything surrounding the current military barracks is antiquated and does require a modern look at them. Sadly, that just won't happen.

Ron Avila | March 8, 2011 2:17 AM

Hate will always rear it's ugly head in one form or another. Thanks for the very informative article and equally informative comments. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." -- Wendell Phillips, (1811-1884)

What?! Are you insinuating that the US military would lie and try to cover over their own misdeeds?

Color me shocked.