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Indiana Senate Gallery Closed with LGBT Protests

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 29, 2011 1:30 PM | comments

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I'm used to hearing about the Indiana Statehouse being flooded with conservative Christians, most of whom are there as a field trip from their home schooling, so this is different:

indiana-statehouse.jpgThe Senate closed its gallery Monday after protests disrupted a hearing on a proposal to add a ban on gay marriage and civil unions to the state constitution.

Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, R-Fort Wayne, ordered the roughly 40 audience members expelled from the Senate balcony after they began chanting "stop hating, stop dividing, stop pandering."

Senators were considering changes to the measure -- proposed by Sen. Tim Lanane, D-Anderson -- that would have eliminated the ban on civil unions, so that the constitution would ban only same-sex marriage. Senators voted that idea down 36-11.

Gay activists in Indiana seem to have woken up. While it's immature, counterproductive, etc., etc., it's a sign of an energy that I don't remember being there even three years ago.

Note from Bil: Alex beat me to this post and while I'd quibble that Hoosier LGBT people have been doing direct action for years (I led the group doing it!), I wanted to add video of the protestors. It's after the jump.

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It's always easier to hate when you remove the Human equation.

Indiana Equality has just announced that this amendment was passed today by the full Indiana Senate.

(To continue, the proponents will need to pass it again in 2013 -- then if they succeed, the amendment will appear on the November 2013 ballot for a state-wide public vote.)

Sorry, I meant to type: November 2014 ballot.

Bravo to Bil and Indianna Equality for trying.

But where were HRC and The Task Force? Gay Inc. missing as usual?

You can bet if it were NY, CA, or DC they'd be all over it for good media play and good donation $$$'s. but because its Middle America they don;t give a flying poo.

Will, both Freedom To Marry and HRC were extremely helpful behind the scenes, but they let the local group take the lead on it. That's appropriate; there would have been calls that Gay Inc was taking over if they'd stomped in handfisted. The three orgs did a good job of working well together from what I've heard.

The constant paradox of queer activism: claim your work and you get crucified for being there. Stay quiet and you get crucified for not being there. Not that they're perfect organizations, but I've been personally burnt out by this movement more than once for this same stuff! :-)

Perhaps a paradox of the queer nonprofit world, but not of queer activism generally.

Rick Sutton | March 29, 2011 8:25 PM

We fought hard, but in the end, it's difficult to make Legislative Leadership walk-back the bitter ransom exacted by the far-right, whose numbers have grown drastically. The Senate vote was 40-10.

The hate merchants who fund this nonsense high-fived one another like they'd just won the Final Four.

Amid this, these loving Christians protested, with prayer, songs and shouts.

I wish I'd given up crapolla for Lent.