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Indicted: Remember Indiana's Charlie White?

Filed By Bil Browning | March 04, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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Do you remember back in September when I blogged about Indiana's Republican Secretary of State candidate, Charlie White? White won the election even though I asked, "Did IN Republican Secretary of State Candidate Commit Voter Fraud?"

Charlie-White-Bio-Picture.jpgAccording to a grand jury finding yesterday, he did. Indiana's top election official has been indicted on seven felony counts including a C felony for fraud against a financial institution, 3 voter fraud charges, 2 written perjury charges and a theft charge for getting paid by the Fishers city council even though he didn't live in the district anymore.

The case is being prosecuted by two special prosecutors - Dan Sigler, a Democrat and former Adams County prosecutor, and John Dowd, a Republican and former Warren County prosecutor.

White, a Republican, took office in January under a cloud of allegations he voted in a precinct in which he did not live. Even though the allegations were known at the time of the election, White handily defeated the Democratic nominee for the post, taking almost 1 million votes in 88 counties.

According to D. J. Sigler, White surrendered to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department on Thursday.

Just another hypocritical Indiana Republican politician, folks. Nothing to see here - but you can smell the aroma of cooked goose nicely.

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Does that mean he's thrown out of office, or does he get to stay in and get paid until he goes to jail?

If he's thrown out, does the Democratic challenger get the position?

Just wondering...

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | March 4, 2011 4:05 PM

Governor Daniels has said he should resign, although the Indiana Secretary of State is a separate constitutional office and the Governor could not enforce that or fire him. The Indiana Constitution says that his replacement would be appointed by the Governor (to serve out the rest of his 4 year term) and thus his Democratic opponent would not assume the office.


Remember, the Democrats are currently battling it out in court. They argue that White was ineligible to be on the ballot. If the charges against White are proven, that would make the Dems right. If White was ineligible the office goes to the next most popular vote getter - which would be Vop Oslii, the Dem who ran against White.

So the Dems could end up getting the seat - but it's a case of one law (Daniels appoints when a SOS resigns) vs another one (was he ineligible from the start).

Personally, I'd love to see it go to Vop - he's very LGBT friendly and it would be nice to have a queer friendly Dem that close to the Guv's seat again.

Rick Sutton | March 4, 2011 7:44 PM

Unmentioned in this fray: the role of former SOS Todd Rokita, now a Member of Congress (we're sorry, America).

He railed against voter fraud for years, and pushed through one of the nation's most-restrictive Voter ID laws because of the alleged rampant voter fraud. He tried for six years to find one single case of unprosecuted voter fraud, and couldn't. Nonetheless he demagogued the issue to death.

Charlie White signed a Declaration of Candidacy last May prior to the Republican State Convention. It included an affirmation that his address was correct. He apparently lied. For political expediency.

Rokita was given the facts the prosecutors were given. He balked at making a decision.

The first real case of voter fraud in his tenure, and the state's chief elections officer, Mr. Rokita, balked.

Hypocrisy rules.

With all due respect, to hell with Charlie White. He'll likely plea-bargain. Why aren't we investigating the sitting SOS's lack of proper action in 2010?

It's an Indiana thing. Sorry Bilerico readers.

Of course he took money for a job he didn't do. He's a Republican. There's really not much else that holds together all the wings of the Republicans movement.