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Maryland Delegate Peter Murphy Comes Out

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Maryland Delegate Peter Murphy (D-Charles County) has come out of the closet in an article in the Washington Blade. Murphy, petermurphy.jpgwho was previously married to a woman and has two children, says that he's been out to his colleagues and family for years.

Murphy, who represents a conservative district, was not one of the group of gay and lesbian delegates who released an open letter this week encouraging their fellow legislators to support marriage equality. When asked if he'd be joining the LGBT caucus, Murphy said he didn't know it existed.

"I just come here to do my work," he said, "I'm not a big social person. I've never felt any pressure from anyone to be anything but what I am."

He added that officials at Equality Maryland, the statewide LGBT rights group, have known for years that he's gay and that he supports their issues. In addition to sponsoring the marriage equality bill, Murphy also supports the pending bill to ban discrimination in employment and housing based on gender identity.

Maryland has the most out gay and lesbian legislators in the nation.

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Marla R. Stevens | March 10, 2011 5:44 PM

Welcome, Del. Murphy!
And hip-hip-hooray for the entire Montgomery County delegation that includes my dear cousin, Del. Al Carr, who is teaching his three adorable children the inclusive message of the Carr family and Monticello Community organization by example as he fights for civil marriage equality.

So we have lots of support for GLBT rights in Maryland.

Well... GLB rights.

Only two bothered to testify (briefly) in the recent hearings on giving T's a small subset of the human rights GLBs gained in 2001.

It's not just that it's not a priority for them, they're completely disinterested in the issue, and have never publicly spoken about it.

I would have hoped Bilerico would have covered in more detail the whole EQ Maryland brouhaha. Not so much the backstabbing in 2001, we can and must move on from that, but that the same thing's happening again in 2011.

"Treachery" is far too strong a word for people who are trying to send a few crumbs our way... but "duplicitous", "deceitful" and worst of all, "unenthusiastic and incompetent" are accurate. At least both the Sponsor and EQ Maryland's representative had the grace to look embarrassed and ashamed when introducing a bill that would regularise and confirm T's second-class-citizen status.

I think on another blog he also said he always knew he was Gay.