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Megyn Kelly Is a Lawyer?

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This video of Megyn Kelly basically calling Bill O'Reilly a liar (she says "misleading" and "making facts up") is making the rounds. They're talking about the Snyder case against the WBC, whose $5 million ruling against the WBC the Supreme Court threw out yesterday, and she mopped the floor with him; he was saying that the WBC was following the Snyders home by the end of the video since he didn't know how to respond. (Although Kelly did fumble with some of the internals of the WBC's argument, but that's not important.)

What I didn't know about her was that she's a lawyer. Since every clip I ever saw with her in it has her acting like a high school mean girl who can only repeat rightwing talking points learned by rote, I assumed that she actually was just another idiot on that channel in their long line of idiots.

She appears at 3:00. Also great is Bill O'Reilly saying that there are people who "make millions" from "defaming" others (guilty conscience, Bill?) at 1:59:

It reminds me of Jon Stewart's ribbing of Fox News host Gretchen Carlson last year, accusing her of playing dumb on Fox. I don't have much trouble believing that the men of Fox - Beck, Hannity, Hume, Doocy, etc. - are actually dumb, so how creepy is it to find that two of the prominent women on that channel are smart but playing dumb to hang out with the boys? I'm sure there's a senior thesis in gender studies in there.

The Daily Show video is after the jump.

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Michael M | March 3, 2011 5:22 PM

Ann Coulter also has a law degree. Hell one of Fred Phelps daughters, Margie Phelps, represented WBC infront of the Supreme Court.

I think we should stop thinking having a higher degree makes you more inteligent. It usually means you're more tenatious or a hard worker

I don't find Hannity et al dumb in the slightest. Quite clever-- they remind me of my dear Presidente (Chavez). They do what works, and that's sheer populism.

I can bet you that if Hannity and others talked like MSNBC/NPR/PBS talking heads, they wouldn't have great ratings.

Toning it down to have the populace identify with you and in turn give you immense political power is a true and tested strategy.

Don't need so much to make coherent, let alone cohesive arguments. What they need is that keen sense that lets them detect the foolishness the layman wants to hear and go for it.

I used "smart" when I was thinking more "educated." While knowing how to manipulate others requires a form of smart, I was referring to a more comprehensive sort of intelligence. (And MSNBC is overrun with blowhards. Watch Ed Schultz.)

Brad Bailey | March 3, 2011 7:21 PM

Check out Kelly's latest shouting match with Representative Anthony Weiner:

You definitely get a sense of her legalese in this exchange.

DennisNYC | March 4, 2011 1:54 AM

LOL! I was just going to post this. I assume that by pointing out her legalese, you're being sarcastic.

She had absolutely no idea that Mr. Weiner was mopping up the floor with her...

Mop the floor? He interrupted her constantly, came off as fidgety, and in general while you're cheering for him in mere partisan fashion (and I don't blame you by siding with him, his heart is in the right place), he comes off as unhinged and viewers will merely dismiss him as a know it all, arrogant politician.

He needs to learn from the Obama playbook and learn to not get combative in an interview so he can come off as a victim of a rude and unprofessional interviewers instead of giving a vibe of such himself.

DennisNYC | March 4, 2011 4:53 AM

I don't know who you are or from which side of political spectrum you're coming, but I do know that I disagree with almost everything you said here and in your last comment.

She'd ask him a question... he'd answer the question clearly and succinctly. She'd cut in and twist what he'd just said in an effort to "one up" him. Then, with a look of triumph on her face, she'd immediately try to move on to the next question. And yes, rather than allow her to get away with that, he'd interrupt to correct her intentional misrepresentation of his answer.

Rather than appearing fidgety, he appeared strong, sure of his facts and impervious to her catty retorts.

If you knew anything about Rep. Weiner, you'd know that he is among the least arrogant people in the U.S. House of Representatives. He's brutally honest... strongly stands up for what he believes and doesn't take the kind of crap that this dreadful woman was trying to peddle.

Her place as an interviewer should be to ask the duly elected extremely popular (by his constituents) Representative questions about the subject at hand, allow him to answer those questions and then move on to the next question. If she's not satisfied with his answer, she has every right to challenge him and ask him to clarify his answer. That's it.

Your interpretation of how the Fox viewers will view the interview is spot on. That's because they're ignorant people who think up is down, etc...

The Congressman wasn't there to play to the Fox base. He was there to explain why he thinks Justice "Uncle" Thomas should be sanctioned as clearly prescribed by law.

Partisan? Damned right! I'm a stonewall generation proud gay NY Liberal Democratic. Just like my Congressman, I have a strong sense of righteousness and justice. We do NOT play the victim... ever.

Yes, Dennis, I concur with everything you say about Weiner. I've met him at various events and he's FAR from arrogant.

And its almost impossible not to be partisan these days, with the GOP blatantly and shamelessly trying to strangle the country just to get back in power.

Thanks Taylor... GMTA! ;)

You can ride that high horse all you want, but if people like Weiner don't play smart, we get a Congress like the current one with a bare Democrat Senate majority and a huge Republican one on the House.

There's a contingent named independent voters that don't possess your florid vision of infallibility eyeglasses when it comes to people like Weiner, and this is a contingent where appearance matters more than substance.

You can dismiss them as ignorant and idiotic, but hopefully you will get a clue when you see all these Republicans repealing legislation like Healthcare and defunding Planned Parenthood because liberals like you take for granted their purist vision in their social circle jerks at the expense of actual political power that could allow for meaningful change for the needy and vulnerable.

DennisNYC | March 5, 2011 6:07 AM

Hopefully you will get the clue that I disagree with you and let it go. ;)