Alex Blaze

Orange County Tea Party Protests Muslims

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 04, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: Muslims, orange county, protest

This video shows a protest outside an Islamic Center in Orange County. It's pretty ugly, but that's what hate looks like.

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OK, let's reopen this argument when these people let their women worship in the same room as their men, and when they let their women go in public without hiding their hair or their faces, depending on the level of oppression they call religion. To make the young girls do that though, before they even understand is unforgivable.

I thought Bilerico was here to support the rights of gay people. I'm not sure why the left is so keen on protecting the rights of people who would rather see us dead. Is there an assumption that all gay people are far left? Let's have a video in support of Mormons next time, those poor, misunderstood people. Their treatment of women is about the same, so let's be fair.

Um, John, I don't know who you (and those ignorant "protesters") think Muslims are, but I have a number of queer Muslim friends who are US citizens, and I know other Muslim immigrants here in Western Massachusetts. You can't paint Muslims with a broad brush, just as you can't with Jews or Christians or atheists.

Thank you for sharing, Alex. Hate is definitely ugly. I think the cognitive dissonance inside some of those people must be astounding.