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Scarlet Betch Episode 38

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Hey Betches!

We're back this week bringing you the latest queer comic book news! This week we talk about the neew Daken: Dark Wolverine, X-Factor (and Shatterstar's increasingly nuanced sexuality), House of Mysteries, Astonishing X-men, No Ordinary Family (and it's BSG reunion), and much more!

Plus you lucky betches get Anthony in a tank top. Damn Floridians and your 70 degree weather in March. #notjealous

Let us know what you think! Plus, any comics you think we missed in our coverage let us know! Send us a tweet @ScarletBetch or by email at [email protected]

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Another quality comic episode! And woohoo for the tank top! :)

I feel you about Monet. Here's a basic breakdown:

Monet is the second oldest of four siblings: Marius (Emplate), herself, and her twin sisters, Nicole and Claudette (the latter of whom is autistic).

When his mutant powers manifest, Marius kills his mother and the twins witness it, telling their father. Their father asks Marius what happened, but he denies knowing anything about it, so Marius kicks him out of their home. Eventually, Marius returns as “Emplate” and wants Monet to join him in conquering this dimension. She rejects him (and does so in a snobby manner), so Emplate turns her into the mute “Penance” form, with razor sharp diamond skin.

Right after, the twins come upon them and banish Emplate to another dimension, and Penance follows him because he tells her that only he can change her back. The twins don’t know that the Penance form was Monet, so they assume that Emplate killed her. Since they believe Monet to be their father’s favorite, they merge together and take on her form (why their father doesn’t notice that his twins are gone is beyond me).

So this “Monet” is the one captured by the Phalynx and blah blah blah Generation X. Meanwhile, in this other dimension, Emplate uses Penance by feeding on her, but she is later transported to Generation X by Gateway. She becomes a part of the team (why “Monet” didn’t recognize Penance I have no idea) and Jubilee becomes fond of her.

Eventually, though, Claudette’s autism would take control and manifest itself through “Monet” causing her to go through fugue states, etc. However, in general, Monet was a prissy bitch to everyone, especially Jubilee. Eventually, a concussive blast forces the twins to separate, revealing that “Monet” was just an amalgam of the two girls.

Emplate comes along, merges with the two girls to form M-Plate, but they are again blasted apart by Jubilee. Merging allowed them to know one another’s thoughts, so the twins now know that Monet is not dead; Penance is Monet. They switch bodies, so Monet can be free and inhabits the “Monet” body (effectively becoming herself), while the merged twins inhabit the Penance body. Monet tries to take care of them, but the girls are frustrated by being trapped in the Penance form. Meanwhile, Jubilee is thrilled because she was good friends with Penance and this means that she and the real Monet will also be friends instead of enemies. However, it turns out that the real Monet is just as much a bitch, disliking Jubilee because she feels that she treated her like a pet, not a person.

In the end, Monet falls in love with Everet, he dies, she and Jubilee console each other because they both loved him. Another concussive blast surprisingly separates the twins from the Penance body, which doesn’t add up (intentionally). Their father comes and takes the twins home. M continues with Gen X and X-Corps and X-Factor. The Penance body continues to oddly function on its own and is now part of some hero team called The Losers and has been renamed by Marvel as "Hollow" because Speedball is now called Penance (emo to the maxx).

And that's M/the twins in a honking nutshell.