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Socially Liberal but Still with Anti-Gay Issues

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 28, 2011 7:30 AM | comments

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"It's almost like a death. It's the loss of a vision that you have of your child's future, that they will live a life like your own, with a spouse and children."

--Amy Mesirow, who describes herself with "very liberal socially, support gay marriage and all that," on her son coming out

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Wow, Alex, you really gave this story the Rush Limbaugh treatment. You took one line from the story, gave it an inflammatory headline and just posted it.
Where is the anti-gay in this story? Seriously, that's my question. Why on earth would you be deliberately misleading about this? Since when is a perent not given the opportunity to support their child while taking whatever time they need to come to terms with it internally? Since when is going to PFLAG for support anti-gay?
You knew the term was going to raise flags and you used it just for hits. Shame on you.
This is poor and lazy journalism.

My mom said that, almost verbatim, when talking to me shortly after I came out as a kid. She didn't hate gay people or that I'm gay, but it was a total change in what she'd imagined my life would be like. It's the death of the exact life she'd expected, and that was shocking for her (coupled with her knowing I'd face more prejudice as a gay man than a straight one). That's exactly how I felt when I realized I was gay, so how could I begrudge her for going through that process too?

Pretending people don't have struggles when somebody comes out, or shaming them about it, is foolish. I think the indignation about the woman you quoted is misplaced. If only all parents were as supportive and involved as her and her husband.

Sound to me like mom tried to do the right her kid while she dealt with the shit in her own head. Sometimes parents see this coming. We are the lucky ones. We reprogram and are ready when our sons and daughters come to us. Others don't see it coming, and have to 'momentarily rethink'... Gay kids rarely wake up at 6- say I think I'm gay and talk to mom at breakfast about it. No, you think about it... worry about it, figure out it is who you are and then share that with your 'safety net'. Why would you begrudge a parent for doing the same thing. SHE LOVES HER KID. Rethought her sterotypes and is a model for other parents. Alex honey- ya missed the boat on this one.
a proud Board Member and Listening Parent for Fortunate Families.